Flowery mush

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Flowery mush detail.png

Flowery mush is a type of animal feed that can be obtained by removal from troughs at the player-owned farm, provided that the trough had been filled solely with flowers. It may be used to fill the troughs to feed livestock as an alternative to fresh flowers.

Creation[edit | edit source]

The following items can be used to create flowery mush:

Item Price Buy limit
Marigolds.png: Inventory image of MarigoldsMarigolds 5,036 1,000
Snape grass.png: Inventory image of Snape grassSnape grass 60 10,000
Rosemary.png: Inventory image of RosemaryRosemary 275 1,000
Nasturtiums.png: Inventory image of NasturtiumsNasturtiums 720 1,000
Woad leaf.png: Inventory image of Woad leafWoad leaf 12 100
Flax.png: Inventory image of FlaxFlax 62 25,000
Barley.png: Inventory image of BarleyBarley 258 1,000
Hammerstone hops.png: Inventory image of Hammerstone hopsHammerstone hops 1,212 1,000
Asgarnian hops.png: Inventory image of Asgarnian hopsAsgarnian hops 705 1,000
Yanillian hops.png: Inventory image of Yanillian hopsYanillian hops 200 1,000
Krandorian hops.png: Inventory image of Krandorian hopsKrandorian hops 1,959 1,000
Wildblood hops.png: Inventory image of Wildblood hopsWildblood hops 448 1,000
Curry leaf.png: Inventory image of Curry leafCurry leaf 882 5,000
Red vine blossom.png: Inventory image of Red vine blossomRed vine blossom Untradeable N/A
Green vine blossom.png: Inventory image of Green vine blossomGreen vine blossom Untradeable N/A
Blue vine blossom.png: Inventory image of Blue vine blossomBlue vine blossom Untradeable N/A