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Flower baskets are used to fill with flowers to attract certain types of whirligig inside Het's Oasis. Four can be found in total, two in the north-west and two in the south-east. Each basket requires five teak planks (protean planks also work) and ten steel nails to build and yields 4,950 Construction experience. Each basket can hold 32 flowers of the same type.

Generating a shell by catching a whirligig that the flowers attracted removes one set of flowers from the basket. Whirligigs caught via "stacking", which do not generate shells, do not deplete the flower basket. Once 1,000 whirligigs have been caught (including whirligigs caught via stacking), players may unlock a 25% chance to save flowers from Dundee's Crocodile Upgrades.

The number of flowers in the flower basket determines how many special whirligigs are lured into the water, replacing the plain ones. Eight whirligigs can be found in each pond, while each flower basket lures four of these. The following table shows how many whirligigs will be lured per flower basket based on the number of flowers stored in it.

Flowers Whirligigs
25–32 4
17–24 3
9–16 2
1–8 1
0 0

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