Flou Tar-Shei

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Flou Tar-Shei is an island in The Pincers region of the Wushanko Isles. Because it is officially considered neutral ground, this island is a place of peace. Khans can relax here, if nowhere else.

Pearls are located in the underwater city here.

Voyages[edit | edit source]

  • In Smuggling Job, the player smuggles an assassin to the docks for the khan of Yamada Island, because he wishes to have a soldier stationed there. The player warns their captain to not be caught by the authorities.
  • In The Jade Leviathan the player sends a ship to fight it, after it is spotted near Flou Tar-Shei, for fame and glory.
  • In Explore the Seas the player sends a ship to explore the sunken city beneath Flou Tar-Shei in search of resources. The crew must beware of the mechanical golems within.
  • In Troubled Waters the player sends a ship to find a quicker route to Flou Tar-Shei by navigating the Endless Waterfalls.
  • In The Cure the player sends a ship to find a cure for a plague spreading in Flou Tar-Shei. The cure is located in the Hole in the World.
  • In Not Again... the player sends ships to help pearl divers from the Loop, shipwrecked near Flou Tar-Shei, need rescuing from the shark menace.
  • In A Fine Expedition, the Biologist knows the location of a supply of ancient bones. The player helps her to avoid the great rocs that are native to Flou Tar-Shei to claim it.
  • In Studying Science, the player helps the Biologist unlock the secrets of the shape-shifting flowers native to Flou Tar-Shei.

Trivia[edit | edit source]