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A flax field is a location where many flax plants are located together. Each of these spots has a random number of flax, and a flax spot disappears when all the flax in that spot is picked. They reappear later after approximately 5 seconds in the same spot. They can be picked, granting 1 Farming experience, and may then be spun into bowstrings. This gives 15 Crafting experience.

Currently, there are seven flax fields located in Gielinor.

Taverley[edit | edit source]

There is a small flax field in Taverley, north of the lodestone. It is located near a Compost Bin, making it a good source for compostable material. This is the only flax field available in free-to-play.

Seers' Village[edit | edit source]

There is a second flax field south of Seers' Village and west of Catherby, next to the beehive field. It is a convenient place to pick flax as there is a spinning wheel in a building to the west. It is a popular area with players picking flax as an early temporary moneymaker as flax can sell for about 182 coins each. After completing the Seers' Village achievements, Geoffrey will give out a set amount of flax daily, depending upon the level of Seer's headband owned.

Lletya[edit | edit source]

There is a third flax field in Lleyta in Isafdar. It is located south of the Lleytan bank. It contains less flax but is considerably closer to a bank than most other fields. Mourning's End Part I is required to gain access to this field.

Tree Gnome Stronghold[edit | edit source]

A fourth flax field that can be found in the south-east region of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, it contains lots of flax spread throughout the area. Spinning wheels can be found nearby. A bank can also be found north-west of the area.

Lunar Isle[edit | edit source]

Some flax herbs can be found on Lunar Island, it contains a low amount of flax, and it is spread out over the south part of the island, on the way from the city to the Astral Altar.

Rellekka[edit | edit source]

Some flax plants can be found south of Rellekka, near the Fenris wolves.

Prifddinas[edit | edit source]

A fifth flax field can be found in the Cadarn Clan section of Prifddinas, just north of the max guild. It is situated directly west of a spinning wheel, making it a good place to spin bowstrings.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Taverley Flax Field
Seer's Village Flax Field
Lletya Flax Field
Tree Gnome Stronghold Flax Field
Lunar Isle Flax Field
Rellekka Flax Field
Prifddinas Flax Field