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Flanking is an Invention perk. It causes certain abilities to lose their stunning ability in exchange for dealing increased damage to a target that does not face the player. It can be created in weapon gizmos. The affected abilities are Backhand, Forceful Backhand, Impact, Deep Impact, Binding Shot, and Tight Bindings.

Rank Basic Threshold
None 100% 200%
1 140% 230%
2 180% 260%
3 220% 290%

Usage[edit | edit source]

The perk increases the affected abilities' damage when the player's target does not face the player, although depending on the monster and the number of game squares it occupies, it may be ambiguous when they actually face the player or not. The effect is applied only if the player attacks from behind or the side of the target's facing direction. Flanking has no effect if the target faces the player; the abilities would stun and inflict the same damage as usual.

Flanking is most commonly installed on off-hand weapons, which are temporarily equipped to use the affected abilities.

Flanking 3 basics are by far the best non-bleed basics, dealing a maximum of 220% ability damage. The threshold abilities deal a maximum of 290% ability damage.

Use at bosses[edit | edit source]

Most static monsters that do not change direction are treated as if they face south, meaning that Flanking can be used on them anywhere north of them. For example, smoke and shadow pillars and all the amalgamations at Nex: Angel of Death are affected by Flanking from the north, as are Solak's volatile rootlings, arms, legs, and blight afflicted core.

Flanking has no use in most solo situations, as the player's target must face the player due to the player having the monster's aggression. There are certain exceptions to this that occur when the monster faces away from the player due to its mechanics.

Even when the Flanking effect is applicable, the abilities do still trigger Solak's stunning mechanic in phase 3, respectively. Flanking, however, cannot be used to dispel an unstable black hole created by The Ambassador.

Sources[edit | edit source]

MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Spiked parts.png
Spiked partsCommon01111
Sharp components.png
Sharp componentsUncommon1111–21–2
Clockwork components.png
Clockwork componentsRare111–21–31–3
Precise components.png
Precise componentsUncommon1111–21–2

Suggested gizmos[edit | edit source]

Gizmo layout Possible perks
Clockwork components.png
Clockwork components.pngClockwork components.pngClockwork components.png
Clockwork components.png
  • Other possible perks:
Precise components.png
Precise components.pngClockwork components.pngPrecise components.png
Clockwork components.png
This combination can be used to roll Flanking 3 Equilibrium 1
Precise components.png
Precise components.pngPrecise components.pngPrecise components.png
Precise components.png
  • Other possible perks:

Update history[edit | edit source]

The update history project is a work-in-progress – not all updates to this topic may be covered below. See here for how to help out!
patch 7 October 2019 (Update):
    • Yakamaru's Stun Phase and Mirage Stun phase will now take into consideration the Flanking Perk.
  • patch 22 July 2019 (Update):
    • If the game detects you have a flanking weapon in either your backpack or worn equipment it'll now display a flanking icon on the monster bar to inform you that your Flanking perk will work in that position.
  • patch 17 June 2019 (Update):.
    • A Flanking icon has now been added to the monster bar, it will appear if you're in the right spot to use the Flanking perk and have a weapon equipped with the Flanking perk on.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The perk's name and activation requirement references flanking maneuvers, a military tactic that involves attacking an enemy army from their side.