Flames of Lloigh-enn

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Flames of Lloigh-enn was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
The Flames of Lloigh-enn were at the bottom corners of the login screen.

The Flames of Lloigh-enn are a legendary portal of transportation created at some point in the ancient past. In the 23rd issue of the god letters, Zamorak discussed their use and history[1]. The Flames of Lloigh-enn (pun on "login") are the pair of torches players used to first observe on the login screen. They allow players to journey to RuneScape if the player recites their unique "spell" for access (username and password).

The flames of Lloigh-enn are an often rumoured, almost mythical, barrier between various dimensions, that require a spell recited most precisely, that is different for each individual who wishes to pass through.

I am surprised a mere mortal has heard of them, let alone encountered them in person; I had thought them long since extinguished... You have my gratitude adventurer, it is not often the curiosity of Zamorak is excited. I will have to look into this, it could be very useful in my plans...

— Zamorak
The Gate of Lloigh-enn in The Black Hole.

The Flames were a means to travel between the "Worlds", much like the functions of the World Gate and fairy rings. However, the Flames are rumoured to have been extinguished long ago.

The Retro Login Teleport is based on the Flames of Lloigh-enn.

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