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Flame fragment detail.png

Flame fragments are remains of a solitary flame created by Drannai Silverborn that are collected in the Lost Her Marbles Thieves' Guild caper. In this you must collect at least 32 (in total there are 54) of these fragments so that the guild master may increase the size of the Thieves' Guild, once again. You may get them by pickpocketing any of the NPCs mentioned below.

After you gain the requested amount, these fragments can be given to Darren Lightfinger, who will happily take them from you.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A grand total of 32 fragments are required, from any source. Each category can be looted for a maximum of 6 Flame Fragments but you only need 32 in total and not every category needs to be pickpocketed for the requested amount. For example: Obtain 5 from the citizens (man/woman), 4 from the Rogues, 5 from the Farmers, 5 from Master Farmers, 6 from any H.A.M.-member, 4 from Cave Goblins and the remaining 3 from a Guard etc.
  • You can obtain the Flame Fragments in any order, but it may take a while to obtain all six fragments from a certain 'category.'