Flambeed, Agrith-Na-Na and Dessourt

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This article is about the variants encountered in the Dominion Tower. For the quest variants, see Flambeed, Agrith-Na-Na, and Dessourt.
Flambeed, Agrith-Na-Na & Dessourt icon.png

Flambeed, Agrith-Na-Na and Dessourt are a group of bosses originally from Recipe for Disaster: Defeating the Culinaromancer that can be fought together as a Class D Boss in the Dominion Tower.

Differences from the original fight[edit | edit source]

  • They will attack as one
  • You can use prayer (as long as the no prayer handicap is 'off')
  • You can use a summoning familiar (as long as the no familiar handicap is 'off')
  • Flambeed will shout: Yummy!
    Fighting the Trio
  • Agrith-Na-Na will shout: Let's eat him
  • Dessourt will shout: A Tasty Morsel

Pre-Fight Interference[edit | edit source]

  • Description: These evil machinations of the Culinaromancer could only be created by someone obsessed with food. These 'things' are made from loads of hot cakes, bananas and sweets. Beyond not dying, most people struggle not to take a sneaky bite of one of them.
  • Quest: RFD aka Recipe For Disaster
  • Combat: A Deadly trio, Flambeed is a fiery foe and you'll need to be wearing Ice Gloves when attacking to hold on to your weapons. He attacks with melee and magic. Agrith-Na-Na fights with magic and will occasionally teleport you face-to-face. Dessourt deals a mixture of melee, ranged, and magic attacks and will occasionally teleport straight to you wander (or flee) too far away.
  • Arena: Multi-Way Combat

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Because Flambeed will unequip your weapons when not wearing ice gloves, always make sure you have those equipped when fighting Flambeed, and always bring them on endurance matches. It is best to wear melee armour and use protect from magic, as all three use melee and magic attacks. It is best to kill Flambeed first, so you can equip your regular gloves again without unequipping your weapon, and then kill Agrith-Na-Na and Dessourt. The order of the last two doesn't really matter, as both are fairly equally strong. Note, however, that Flambeed will only unequip your weapon if you attack him directly, so with careful clicking it is possible to wear other gloves and kill Agrith-Na-Na and Dessourt first. If you do not have access to ice gloves, Flambeed can still be killed with range or magic from a distance, running away from him as he approaches, or safespotting against the side.