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This article is about the item used in Vinesweeper. For other flags, see Flag (disambiguation).
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Flags are used in the Vinesweeper minigame. During the minigame, if one would find a supposed location of a seed, they would place a flag in the hole. A gnome would then come over, and deem if the player was correct or not. If he was correct, he would receive points and be able to retrieve the flag from Blinkin. If he was incorrect, the gnome would take the flag, and the player would not be able to retrieve it. Beware, when one places a flag, rabbits will be attracted to the hole you placed it in.

The first 10 flags are given free. Additional flags cost 500 coins or 50 points each up to a total inventory of 10 flags. Players leaving Vinesweeper with their flags are able to retrieve them from Farmer Blinkin for free, without being reimbursed for them. Flags can be retrieved when returning later to play the minigame.

Flags within this minigame are used to mark locations in which a player believes seeds may be buried, and where one of the gnome farmers will then go to dig at the location and check for seeds.

The flags will not be identified by farmers or dug up by rabbits if the flag-owner is not present at the farm.

When the game was first released, the flags cost 1000 coins or 500 points and players were reimbursed 1000 coins for each flag when leaving the activity.

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