Fish stall (Menaphos)

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This article is about the Fish stall in Menaphos. For the other Fish stalls in Runescape, see Fish stall.
Fish stall (Menaphos) sign.png

The Fish stall is a food shop that purchases raw fish. It is run by a Fish trader. It is located within the market place of the Merchant district of Menaphos.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Raw cod.png: Fish stall (Menaphos) sells 0 of Raw cod for 34 and buys them for 10Raw cod034Coins 25.png10Coins 5.png1,736Coins 1000.png0Coins 1.png
Raw mackerel.png: Fish stall (Menaphos) sells 0 of Raw mackerel for 26 and buys them for 7Raw mackerel026Coins 25.png7Coins 5.png501Coins 250.png0Coins 1.png
Raw bass.png: Fish stall (Menaphos) sells 0 of Raw bass for 280 and buys them for 84Raw bass0280Coins 250.png84Coins 25.png2,016Coins 1000.png0Coins 1.png
Raw tuna.png: Fish stall (Menaphos) sells 0 of Raw tuna for 120 and buys them for 36Raw tuna0120Coins 100.png36Coins 25.png373Coins 250.png0Coins 1.png
Raw lobster.png: Fish stall (Menaphos) sells 0 of Raw lobster for 284 and buys them for 85Raw lobster0284Coins 250.png85Coins 25.png428Coins 250.png0Coins 1.png
Raw swordfish.png: Fish stall (Menaphos) sells 0 of Raw swordfish for 340 and buys them for 102Raw swordfish0340Coins 250.png102Coins 100.png402Coins 250.png0Coins 1.png
Raw desert sole.png: Fish stall (Menaphos) sells 0 of Raw desert sole for 270 and buys them for 81Raw desert sole0270Coins 250.png81Coins 25.png382Coins 250.png0Coins 1.png
Raw catfish.png: Fish stall (Menaphos) sells 0 of Raw catfish for 275 and buys them for 82Raw catfish0275Coins 250.png82Coins 25.png382Coins 250.png0Coins 1.png
Raw beltfish.png: Fish stall (Menaphos) sells 0 of Raw beltfish for 280 and buys them for 84Raw beltfish0280Coins 250.png84Coins 25.png850Coins 250.png0Coins 1.png

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