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The first stone fragment is found on the north wall of the graveyard on Mazcab. It is taken to the Ancient statue in the south of Mazcab to unlock lore in relation to the Goebie civilization. Using the fragment on the statue the first time will grant 50 reputation with the Goebies.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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You feel a faint rumbling in the ground beneath your feet and dust begins to shake off the statue. A voice starts to whisper from within...

You present me a fragment pulsating with the vibrant anima of this planet. The very same anima which leaks from the wounds that this world has come to bare. While these wounds must be tended if the planet is to mend, the effects have not all been so ruinous. Over many centuries the seeping anima formed constructs; spirit guardians that roams this world's forests and plains. While not sentient, these guardians still strive to conserve the natural order of Mazcab. Affording their own protection to those that may not be able to protect themselves. For aeons the spirit guardians have wandered sleepily towards the great temples, where they reach the end of their cycle and return their anima to its source.

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