Fire arrows

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Bronze fire arrows (unlit) 5 detail.png
Bronze fire arrows (lit) 5 detail.png

Fire arrows are used to access the underground pass starting with the Underground Pass quest, in order to burn down the ropes holding up a bridge allowing one into the pass maze proper.

Types of fire arrows[edit | edit source]

All metals that can smith arrowheads can be a base arrow to make a fire arrow. The different types of fire arrows are:

The following arrows cannot be used:

Damage[edit | edit source]

Fire arrows inflict the same damage as untreated arrows.

Make[edit | edit source]

Fire arrows are created by using a damp cloth on most untreated arrows, then by using them on a tinderbox or any fire. There is a perpetual fire in the Underground Pass near Koftik for ease of access.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Fire arrows are generally only used to access the underground pass. Sales of fire arrows generally are near non-existent because they give no more damage than their untreated counterparts and thus take so much more time to make with no extra benefits.

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