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Finia is a mutated sea orphan sorcerer from the Wushanko Isles who somewhat resembles a pufferfish. He is part of Bethan's voyages in Player-owned ports. As the sea orphans have a higher resistance to diseases than humans, to try to find out how to implant this ability on humans, Finia offers himself to be Bethan's test subject. He is eventually kidnapped by The Blazing Lanterns pirates, who kidnap him and strap him to the front of their ship as a figurehead. Bethan then manages to rescue him with the help of the player. Afterwards it turns out that Finia was not strapped to the ship but had merely been captive.

Finia betrays Bethan soon after, having developed Daemonheim syndrome during his stay with the Blazing Lanterns, and breaks into her lab and spreads a disease throughout Hyu-Ji before returning to the pirates in order to mount an attack. He is eventually defeated.