Quick guide for Final Destination

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Commandeering the ship[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Lookout Ekahi. (Chat 11)
  • Fire the cannon.
  • Climb the ladder.
  • Kill the Zyclopses.
  • Climb another ladder.
  • Kill the zombies.
  • Kill the 2 skeletons.
  • Climb the ladder.
  • Kill 2 more Zyclopses.
  • Defeat Captain Cora then talk to her.

Goshima[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Captain Cora again.
  • Run east to the gates. Cora will talk to you.
  • Talk to Jiangshi southwest of the gates.
  • Talk to Captain Cora.

Miniquest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Final Destination reward.png
Music unlocked

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Final Destination is not currently required for any quests or miniquests.