Fight Arena south-east mine

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This article is about mine west of Port Khazard. For the mine located inside Port Khazard, see Port Khazard mining site.

The Fight Arena south-east mine is a mine located near the Fight Arena, between Port Khazard and Yanille. It can be travelled to by using the Watchtower Teleport spell and travelling east and north; using the fairy ring (with code CLS) to reach Hazelmere's island and running north; using the lodestone in Yanille and running north-east; or by using a Charter ship to get to Port Khazard and then running south. The nearest locations to bank are the bank deposit box in Port Khazard and the bank in Yanille. The mine is one of the locations for Shooting Stars.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the Mining and Smithing rework the mine also had three exhausted rocks with "mine" options; however, no ore could be extracted from them.