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The Fight Arena Bar is a single floored pub located in the south-western corner of the buildings around the Fight Arena. It mainly caters for the soldiers of General Khazard's Army and relies heavily on the Arena for its business, from spectators to the guards who maintain it. It is a very popular place among the soldiers and seems to be a place to come for relaxing. There are many seats available, a game of chess is being played and there is a fireplace to keep the place warm. It is a pub worth visiting due to the many drunk or asleep Khazard Guards with rather humorous dialogues.

The bar is the only place in RuneScape where players can purchase the Khali brew, for 5 coins each. However it has no drink option so players cannot consume it, and it is also untradeable. Regular beer is also available, for 2 coins each. The tables are lavishly decorated with giant platters of meat dishes, but Angor will not be able to get you any food items.

The bar is involved in the quest Fight Arena where players purchase the Khali brew to get a guard drunk so they can get the jail cell keys.

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