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Fern was Elora the Lifegiver's sister and the mate of Bree. She features in The Death of Chivalry quest. In the quest, it is revealed that Elora played a huge role in Saradomin's army during the Gielinorian God Wars. According to Fern, Elora was born with a special gift: the ability to heal and restore life to the dead, or dying, through the use of her horn that had grown on her, due to her acts of kindness.[1] This power however came at a cost, whenever Elora used her powers it drained life from her, as Fern continued to ask Elora to heal the wounded she lost the ability to move, became frail exhausted and eventually died.[2]

Fern however still needed to heal the wounded, and cut the horn from Elora's head, turning it into the Wand of Resurrection.[3]

In the Death of Chivalry, Fern appears as a spirit, claims it is her duty to guard the wand, and tests those who wish to obtain it to see if they are virtuous enough to be able to, so that they do not make the mistake she did in resurrecting her fellow centaur as undead.

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Fern's ghostly voice.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Fern, "The Death of Chivalry", RuneScape. "Elora embodied virtue. Since the day of her birth, she thought only of others. During her long life, Elora grew a horn in the centre of her forehead...not unlike that of a unicorn. Among my people, the most virtuous are granted a horn with healing powers. This is rare gift. My sister was very special."
  2. ^ Fern, "The Death of Chivalry", RuneScape. "Each time I returned to Elora, she appeared more fatigued. Her breathing was laboured, her movements stiff. I tried not to notice. I asked for her aid, and not once did she refuse me. Elora died exhausted, withered and worn. She poured out the last of her life to save others."
  3. ^ Fern, "The Death of Chivalry", RuneScape. "My people looked to me, begging me to revive their loved ones. In desperation, I cut the horn from my dead sister's forehead. I used it to raise my people. I was not virtuous like my sister. I did not deserve to wield that great power. The centaurs I raised were soulless undead, corrupt and wicked."