Feral Chimera

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A Feral Chimera is a type of crew member that may be recruited in a player-owned port. They have the highest combined non-speed stats out of the crew in The Hook, but require The Forgotten Chimera Straits to be unlocked to obtain. They have the same Combat stat as a regular Golden Katana Clansman, with additional Morale stat, and Rallying Cry increase the whole ship's experience gain by 10%, making them very useful in the region.

Crew Type Statistics Cost To Recruit Unlock Area
or Task
Morale Combat Seafaring Speed Chimes icon.png Slate icon.png
Feral Chimera.png: RS3 Inventory image of Feral ChimeraFeral Chimera 350 500 0 0 1,200 400 The Forgotten Chimera Straits Rallying Cry