Fenkenstrain's Monster

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This article is about the feat. For the character, see Lord Rologarth.

Fenkenstrain's Monster is an achievement which requires the player to obtain all unique drops from monsters in the Morytania area. Completing this achievement grants the title The Scourge of the Undead.

Items Required[edit | edit source]

Congealed blood 1000.png Congealed blood (Common)[n 1]Black boots.png Black boots (12/128)[n 1]Dark mystic hat.png Dark mystic hat (Rare)[n 1]Dark mystic robe top.png Dark mystic robe top (Rare)[n 1]
Dark mystic robe bottom.png Dark mystic robe bottom (Rare)[n 1]Dark mystic gloves.png Dark mystic gloves (Rare)[n 1]Dark mystic boots.png Dark mystic boots (Rare)[n 1]Lava battlestaff.png Lava battlestaff (2/128)[n 1]
Granite maul.png Granite maul (1/512)Granite helm.png Granite helm (2/512)Abyssal wand.png Abyssal wand (1/6104)[n 1]Abyssal orb.png Abyssal orb (1/6104)[n 1]
Abyssal whip.png Abyssal whip (1/1024)[n 1]Crawling hand (item).png Crawling hand (item) (1/512)[n 1]Abyssal head.png Abyssal head (3/16384)[n 1]Ganodermic gloves.png Ganodermic gloves (Uncommon)[n 1]
Ganodermic boots.png Ganodermic boots (Uncommon)[n 1]Polypore stick.png Polypore stick (Rare)Grifolic shield.png Grifolic shield (Uncommon)Grifolic wand.png Grifolic wand (Uncommon)
Grifolic orb.png Grifolic orb (Uncommon)Grifolic gloves.png Grifolic gloves (Uncommon)Celestial handwraps.png Celestial handwraps (Very rare)[n 1]Dragon Rider helm.png Dragon Rider helm (1/5120)
Dragon Rider body.png Dragon Rider body (1/5120)Dragon Rider chaps.png Dragon Rider chaps (1/5120)Dragon Rider cape.png Dragon Rider cape (1/5120)Dragon Rider kit.png Dragon Rider kit (1/5120)
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p This is the highest drop rate, see the item page for drop rates per monster.

Trivia[edit | edit source]