Feathery Bolshevik Investigations

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Feathery Bolshevik Investigations (or FBI for short) is an organisation that helps players to spot hiding penguin spies while playing the Penguin Hide and Seek D&D. The organisation helps players by releasing information about penguin disguises.

Penguin disguises[edit | edit source]

Penguins in disguises
A penguin in a barrel. A penguin in a bush. A penguin in a cactus. A penguin in a crate. A penguin in a rock. A penguin in a toadstool.
Barrel Bush Cactus Crate Rock Toadstool

Affiliations[edit | edit source]

Because the FBI has only been mentioned once on the Game Guide, it is not known if any RuneScape characters are affiliated with the organisation. However, because Larry is the starting point for Penguin Hide and Seek, it is strongly suspected that he is part of, or in contact with the organisation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name is a play the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Feathery Bolshevik Investigations was created to help spy on the penguin intelligence organisation, the KGP, a play on words with the KGB, a Soviet intelligence agency. In addition, "Bolshevik" was the name of the Communist party during the Russian Revolution.