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Fayre basic tools was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
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Fayre basic tools were used in the Build-A-Fayre event, Spring Fayre pre-event, which started on 18 April 2017 and ended on 24 April 2017. They worked much like basic tools of previous events. 100 were provided for free each day and were placed directly into the player's inventory, or bank if the inventory is full. Additional tools could be bought using Loyalty Points. Fayre golden tools, which provided 25 times the experience and contribution, could be won on Treasure Hunter.

One set of tools lasted for five skilling actions after which they were destroyed. Each skilling action took 3.6 seconds, so one set of tools lasted for 18 seconds of skilling.

Fayre basic tools could also be used to teleport to Lumbridge Crater and to view the event progress, and they could be worn in the pocket slot.

When the daily loots were obtained to inventory, the following message was seen: 100 basic tools have been added to your inventory. Use them to teleport to Lumbridge Crater to help build the helter skelter. When they were sent to bank due to full inventory, the message was: 100 basic tools have been added to your bank. Head to Lumbridge Crater to help build the helter skelter.

After the Build-A-Fayre event, players could exchange any remaining tools for 130 experience each in any of the skills used in the event by talking to Menowin at the Lumbridge Crater. All the owned tools, including fayre golden tools were handed in at once. Owning any tools after the pre-event prompted the message: You have some tools remaining. Hand in any remaining tools to Menowin in Lumbridge Crater for XP in a skill of your choice before the 3rd of May.

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