Fayre (Fortune Teller)

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Fayre (Fortune Teller) chathead.png

Fayre (Fortune Teller) is a cosmetic override set obtained from the Chinchompa hunt during the Spring Fayre (2017). It was found during the second week of the Spring Fayre via the Chinchompa hunt, or purchased from the Chinchompa hunt store. It became available to all players during Spring Fayre (2018), when it could be purchased from Rixie's shop for 350 RuneCoins.

The set consists of:

  • Fayre (Fortune Teller) Headband
  • Fayre (Fortune Teller) Top
  • Fayre (Fortune Teller) Legs
  • Fayre (Fortune Teller) Gloves
  • Fayre (Fortune Teller) Boots