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Father Reen is a Saradominist priest who, alongside Father Badden and Gideon Bede, observe the dark wizard Denath in his attempt to summon demons.[1][2] He is initially located by the Al Kharid bank.

The group have been following Denath for years, never finding an opportunity to confront him, including narrowly missing him during his ill-fated attempt to summon Delrith.[3] After the opening of a portal in Uzer, he led a group of dark wizards to the ruined city in order to summon Agrith Naar. Father Badden followed the wizards while Father Reen sought out the adventurer who vanquished Delrith, with the intent of slaying Agrith Naar for good.[4] He eventually made his way to Uzer, where he learnt that his plan had actually sent Agrith Naar, who had been Denath in disguise all along, back to his home plane rather than brought him to the mortal plane to be slain. He initially refused to help take part in the ritual to bring Agrith Naar back, citing the trouble he'd get into if his order found out, but was convinced by the adventurer that he was helping rid the world of a great evil.[5] He partook in the ritual, watching as the adventurer defeated Agrith Naar for good, then went on his way.

Father Reen is a devoted Saradominist, abiding strictly by his order's rules and stating that Saradomin's will is absolute.[6][7] He is quite willing to disparage Zamorakians for engaging in behaviour similar to Saradominists, such as calling upon supernatural powers for aid,[8] wearing robes,[9] or isolating themselves,[10] claiming the circumstances are different when it's pointed out that Saradominists also do all those things.[11] He also has little compassion for Zamorakians, willing to stand by while they're in danger.[12] He also has a fear of flying, not wanting to risk the magic failing while he's on a magic carpet.[13] He has also written a book titled A Bestiary of Demons, which can be found in the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede.

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References[edit | edit source]

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