Father Packett

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Father Packett was an old priest of Saradomin in Varrock while Elsie and Dionysus were young. He became very angry after Dionysus and some friends went out after an evening prayer-meeting to paint "Saradomin pwns" on the walls of the Zamorakian Temple in southern Varrock.[1] Packett wrote of the incident in his Last Will and Testament, which the Temple Knights would later use as a source for Dionysus' life.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Elsie, RuneScape. "One night he gathered some lads together, and after the evening prayer-meeting they all put on masks and sneaked down to the evil temple in the south of the city, the evil one. The next day, there was quite a hubbub. The guards told us that someone had painted 'Saradomin pwns' on the wall of the Zamorakian temple! (...)Old Father Packett was furious, but Dissy just laughed it off."
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