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Father Badden is a Saradominist priest located in Uzer. He, alongside his partners Father Reen and Gideon Bede, were keeping an eye on Denath, a dark wizard who summons demons.[1][2] They have been following him for years, never finding an opportunity to confront him, including narrowly missing him during his ill-fated attempt to summon Delrith.[3]

When an adventurer opened a portal in Uzer, Denath led a group of dark wizards to the ruins in order to summon Agrith Naar. Father Badden followed them while Father Reen was dispatched to find the adventurer, who had previously defeated the demon Delrith. When the adventurer arrived, Father Badden instructed them to infiltrate the group with the intent of slaying Agrith Naar once and for all. The adventurer did so, causing the deaths of several of the dark wizards and sending Agrith Naar, who was disguised as Denath, back to his realm. The adventurer convinced Father Badden to partake in the summoning ritual again, which he did so in order to stop the demon.

Father Badden takes a dim view of golems, considering them to be unnatural. He believes artificial life to be against Saradomin's will.[4] This directly contrasts historical accounts of the use of golems in Saradomin's forces, where golems were considered to be a mark of ingenuity and were used to battle demons.[5][6] After the clay golem took part in defeating Agrith Naar for good, Father Badden admitted that his previous opinion of golems was wrong.[7]

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References[edit | edit source]

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