Fate of the Gods Medley

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This music track is SoundCloud-exclusive.
It was published by the official RuneScape SoundCloud account and does not make an appearance in-game unless specified.

The Fate of the Gods Medley is a SoundCloud-exclusive music track. It is a mashup of music tracks released with Fate of the Gods.

Featured music tracks[edit | edit source]

  • 0:00 Zarosian Reprise
  • 0:41 Freneskae
  • 1:13 Sanctum
  • 1:46 Amor Fati
  • 2:16 Non Compos Mentis
  • 3:02 Nightmare at the Cradle
  • 3:45 The Elder Halls
  • 4:49 Zaros, King of RuneScape
  • 5:26 Nightmare at the Cradle