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Faruq's toolonomicon is a book that explains how to use Faruq's Tools for Games and it is sold by Faruq in Al Kharid.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Being the book of the names for the Tools for Games.

-- Magic Skullball—Foresees the future, suggests what to do today or recommends colours. The skullball can switch between types of answer and give an answer just for you.

-- Voting Hat and Counting Orb—You can change the hat between red and blue. When your friends chat channel needs to make a decision, tell them which colour is which option and have them wear the hats, then use the counting orb to find the results.

-- Rings of Seeking—These rings come in three forms: a seeking ring, a hiding ring and one ring that is both. A seeking ring alerts you when the hiding ring of a friends chat channel mate is nearby, you will not be told who has the hiding ring - or how far away the ring is - as we've left it for you to work out. What manner of game can your friends come up with?

-- Racing Boots and Starting Horn—Start your race in style with these well-designed running boots. The race will start a few moments after the starter blows the horn, and the other friends will not be able to start until the race is underway.

-- Marker Seeds—Seeds from the bag will grow to mark places, even point the way. The owner of a plant or captains from the same clan may remove it.

Plants cannot be grown too close together, or too frequently.

-- Empty Bag Caller—Allows you to prove to your friends that you're wearing no equipment, carrying only the empty bag caller, or both. It does not prevent friends from getting items after their announcement, so, if it's important, remember to ask for new checks frequently.

-- Timepiece—Once started, it remembers how long it has been running. You can pause it, restart it, check the time for yourself or tell your friends. You must reset the timepiece before you put it in your bank.

-- Ticker—Tick! This device can count to whatever you want; just tick it, check the count whenever you like and announce it to your friends when you need to. You must reset the ticket before you put it in your bank.

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  • patch 20 July 2015 (Update):
    • References to racing boots and starting horns in Faruq's toolonomicon have been removed, as he no longer sells those items.

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