Farewell to Kili

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Farewell to Kili can be obtained from various excavation hotspots at the Warforge dig site. The other pages for completing the Heart of the Forge mystery are Bertha, The Bronze Age, Rockfish Pie, and For Peat's Sake. The page is from the journal of the Imcando dwarf Thalmund, who wrote a series of letters to his love Kili.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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My dearest Kili,

Well, this is a story state I've found myself in. I've been kidnapped by bloomin' goblins, of all things. Smuggled off to some pit in Saradomin-knows-where. They've broken me. All I want is to come home to you, but I know I shall never see you again, that you'll believe me dead.

I'm under no allusions that you will ever see this letter, but I must write it to stave off my own despair. It took enough to convince them I need writing materials to do the work here they want of me. And that is? They only want me to build a bloody great forge in here - production line, no less. I don't know how they're thinking they'll get a production line going with just the one dwarf, but hey ho.

My survival now depends on compliance, so I suppose I'd better start drawing up schematics and the required materials. They've got a rudimentary setup here already but it's old and in disrepair, and nowhere close to imcando standards.

I am resigned to it, though. This is my life now, there is no escape. Farewell, my love.


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