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A fansite (also spelled as fan site) is a RuneScape-related website that offers hints, guides, and often, forums for players. Most fansites offer the ability to have an account on the site, primarily for chatting with other users and use of their forums.

Shortly after becoming Jagex's CEO, Mark Gerhard repeatedly said that Jagex will become more involved with fansites and their communities.

During April 2010 Jagex relaunched their Fansite Support Programme with a level system introduced which has 4 groups: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. This programme was changed on 22 November 2013, and then again on 11 August 2014 to a two tier system.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

Criteria and support[edit | edit source]

Tier Criteria Support
  • Focus on RuneScape related content
  • Have a level of basic security and is inherently risk free to visitors
  • Contain a functional website with up to date content
  • Have the owners/administrators focus on promoting positive behaviour throughout the game and fansite world
  • Offer their support to Jagex where possible
  • Ad-hoc mentions in the Community Chronicle and Social Media
  • Access to the Fansite Staff specialist forum
  • 'Other support' depending on circumstance
  • Large, with a busy, active community
  • Pro-Jagex with the fansite staff being ambassadors for the game
  • Regularly creating community events and activities
  • Promoting a good attitude towards fansites in general, other fansites, the community and game
  • Trusted and safe, no breach of copyright/IP laws and works hard to protect user data and privacy
  • Newspost, forum and social media promotion
  • Prizes and rewards for competitions and an 'Official Jagex Fansite' badge
  • Exclusive JMod interviews and event attendance
  • 'Special Rewards', e.g. RuneFest tickets, Jagex HQ tours, etc
The former Fansite Staff specialist forum.

List of sites[edit | edit source]

Jagex keeps a list of officially approved sites on the Official Forums. At this time, the list consists of the following categories.

Approved[edit | edit source]

  • RuneHQ
  • Tip.It
  • Sal's Realm
  • /r/runescape
  • RuneScape Wiki

Recognised[edit | edit source]

  • RSBandb

Foreign language[edit | edit source]

  • Czecho-Slovak Forces
  • Lunagang
  • FrancoScape
  • Pogromcy Ciemnosci
  • Rune Tephix
  • Runescape Revolution
  • Rsdreamteam
  • Fun Dippers
  • Runepoli
  • Schnupptrupp

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Fansites have been a source of controversy. While Jagex claims to "encourage" fansites, some also see Jagex trying to stop fansites, such as making rules against naming them.[1]

Jagex used to contain links to fansites, but they were removed on 14 November 2001. Jagex later stated that "given the number of RuneScape fansites in existence it would be impossible for us to list them all and therefore in the interests of remaining fair and unbiased we will not list any."[2]

With the relaunch of the Fansite Support Programme, a list of recognised fansites was released back onto the forums.[3]

Fake fansites[edit | edit source]

Some fansites have security issues or cheating problems. A number of fake fansites have key-loggers or Trojans on them. Jagex gives some tips:

Watch out for fake websites!

There are websites which look very similar to but STEAL your password. Don't trust a site just because it looks official.

  • RuneScape cheat sites - there are NO RuneScape cheats. These are fakes!
  • RuneScape staff sites - we do not have secret sites on which you can become an admin or moderator! These are fakes!
  • RuneScape chat boards/rooms - don't use your RuneScape password on these sites! Use a DIFFERENT password or you will regret it!
  • RuneScape test servers - watch out for fake servers. If in doubt create a NEW account, rather than risking your main character.
— Security Information

References[edit | edit source]

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