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A Fanatic is associated with the Construction Distraction and Diversion, God Statues. A Fanatic can appear after the player builds the wrong statue at the wrong place. For example, as Lumbridge is associated with Saradomin, building a statue portraying any other God will summon a Saradomin fanatic.

The level of fanatic that appears depends on the difficulty of the statue. The higher the difficulty, the higher the combat level of the fanatic will be. Players do not have to kill the fanatic on the first try. However, if the player does flee, there will be a cooldown of one minute before they can attempt to kill the fanatic again.

Killing a fanatic rewards the player with Slayer experience equivalent to using a medium XP lamp on Slayer.

Fanatics' combat information
Difficulty Slayer-icon.png level Combat level Life Points Weakness Attack style
Easy 1 6 150 Arrow weakness icon.png Arrows Attack-icon.png (Magic-icon.png for Zamorakian fanatic)
Medium 25 44 1600 Crush weakness icon.png Crush Attack-icon.png
Hard 50 68 2450 Thrown weakness icon.png Thrown Attack-icon.png
Elite 75 93 3350 Water weakness icon.png Water spells Magic-icon.png
Fanatic names
Difficulty Lumbridge Gu'Tanoth Canifis Taverley Prifddinas
Easy Saradominist zealot Bandosian brawler Zamorakian fanatic Guthixian votary Trahaearn automaton mk I
Medium Saradominist initiate Bandosian ogre Zamorakian marauder Guthixian spirit Trahaearn automaton mk II
Hard Saradominist knight Bandosian ork Zamorakian werewolf Guthixian moss giant Trahaearn automaton mk III
Elite Saradominist magister Bandosian shaman Zamorakian warlock Guthixian druid Trahaearn automaton mk IV

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