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Fallen rubble can be found randomly while playing Flash Powder Factory. Each time a player crosses an obstacle, the chance of rubble spawning is increased. Searching the rubble may yield pieces of rogue armour (1/1,000 chance to roll 1/5 for any piece[1]), flash powder, catalytic powder or sets of apparatus. It is also possible to find nothing at all. Sometimes one set of rubble can be searched multiple times.

Wearing a factory mask or rogue mask when searching rubble reduces the chance to find nothing by 15%, spreading this across other outcomes, and increasing the odds to find a piece of rogue armour to 1/100.[1] A tier 2 or higher luck enhancer increases the chance of finding a piece of armour.

The fallen rubble only appears in the rooms with the Mixer Machine and the rooms with the Reagent machine (A), as marked in the map below. In rare cases, two sets of rubble can appear in one room at the same time.

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