Fallen leaves (2015)

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Fallen leaves are the components of the Pet of Autumn, and are won through playing Treasure Hunter, while Farming, or handing in a daily challenge. 600 of them are required to create the pet. They are only tradeable in equal quantities for flourishing seeds, lush blossoms, or charred branches. These items are completely removed from the game two weeks after the promotion ends. They can also be exchanged for 5 farming bonus experience per leaf at Lady Niya.

20 leaves can be obtained every 15 minutes by performing Farming related activities. After logging in players will be unable to obtain leaves until they have been logged in for at least 15 minutes. After these 15 minutes the player receives 20 leaves by doing farming related activities as listed below. After receiving the leaves the player will have to wait a full 15 minutes before being able to receive them again. Unlike the items from previous Season of - promotions the amount of experience does not matter. The cooldowns mentioned for skill related activities also apply to the other 3 components used to create the pets.

Activities from which fallen leaves can be acquired[edit | edit source]

  • Raking farming patches
  • Planting seeds
  • Checking health of crops
  • Harvesting crops
  • Harvesting produce from trees/bushes
  • Livid farm
  • Compost bin
  • Handing in a daily challenge (25 awarded, doesn't reset the timer)

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