Fall of Hallowvale

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The Fall of Hallowvale was a massive military campaign led by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan in the early Third Age. The war saw the invasion of Hallowvale by Drakan and an army of vampyres, as well as possibly werewolves and other magically-infused races.

Queen Efaritay who lost Hallowvale to Drakan.

The war was planned as early as the late Second Age, when Lord Drakan aided the Mahjarrat Zamorak in his overthrowal of the deity Zaros. When Zamorak returned from Infernus nearly a score years later, he began the God Wars. He gave Drakan permission to conquer Hallowvale, which was at the time a peaceful, agricultural, Saradominist kingdom ruled primarily by the Icyene, who lived in harmony with humans.

Lord Drakan, the conquerer of Hallowvale.

Drakan invaded Hallowvale by crossing what is now known as the River Salve near Silvarea. The war was extremely long-lasting, and was one of the God Wars' most far-reaching and widespread campaigns. Steadily, the vampyre army fought its way through Hallowvale to the nation's capital in the south-east. In order to end the conflict in  his favour, Drakan managed to kidnap Queen Efaritay's husband Ascertes, eventually forcing the nation to surrender.

Drakan would go on to convert Hallowvale's capital into a blood-farming ghetto known as Meiyerditch, and using unknown magicks managed to turn the wooded region into a dangerous swampland of eternal darkness he would refer to as Morytania. Since then, the region has been a hotbed of conflict, and has been involved in wars such as the Morytania Campaign, the Misthalin - Morytania War and the Sanguinesti Liberation War.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Fall of Hallowvale is a playable campaign in Jagex's Funorb game, Armies of Gielinor. The non-specific presentation of the war and occasional historical contradictions within the game, however, suggests that the campaign is meant only to be a vague overview of the actual war, rather than a brick-for-brick representation. According to the game, the elven commander Valis fought for the Saradominists, but the accuracy of this is debatable.
  • It is rumoured that modern-day vampyre nobles such as Lord Malak participated in the invasion, but this is not certain.
Fall of Hallowvale as seen in Armies of Gielinor