Falador west mine

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Falador west mine is a mine located south of Taverley and west of Falador. It can be accessed by using the Falador lodestone, running south-west, and using the Agility shortcut (requires level 5 Agility and can be used by free-to-play players despite the in-game skill guide incorrectly labeling it as members-only); using the Taverley lodestone and travelling east; using a clan vexillum or Explorer's ring 3/4 to cabbage-port and travelling north-west; or using a skills necklace to teleport to the Crafting Guild and heading north.

The nearest banks are in west Falador and the Clan Camp (it is recommended to use the latter as it is slightly faster). The nearest furnace is in Falador. The mine is a possible location for Shooting Stars and Evil Trees.