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Faceless Assassins is a Treasure Hunter promotion and may not currently be active.
This article is about the promotion. For the character, see Faceless Assassin.

Faceless Assassins was a Treasure Hunter promotion running from 24 January to 29 January 2018. The player can open Treasure Hunter to receive an assassin's contract that can be clicked to begin the event. Ironman Mode players can instead collect the contract from Diango. Similar to the previous events, Death Lotus Training, Zodiac Training, Walk Like a Zombie, and New Year's Resolutions, the Faceless Assassins promotion features a checklist of time-sensitive tasks that players can complete to gain rewards.

Assassin's contract interface

Although the Faceless Assassins event is open to free players as well, most of the tasks can only be completed on a members world or in members areas. Tasks may be skipped through the use of subcontracts, which can be won from Treasure Hunter. This is useful for free players who want to complete a single row (or column) and members who don't meet the minimum required level to complete a task.

After completing all of the tasks 5 times, players can no longer complete the tasks for rewards, and any subcontracts earned via Treasure Hunter can instead be used as a medium prismatic lamp.

The start of the promotion was indicated by the following login messages:

  • Its[sic] time to get started with your Assassin Training! Complete contracts on the Assassin's Contract list to claim some sneaky rewards.
  • You can claim your Assassin's Contract list by opening Treasure Hunter.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Tasks can be skipped instantly by using a subcontract.

Level 1-30[edit | edit source]

Task Requirements Members? Notes
The Master of Disguise! Steal Party Pete's Wig. It *might* come in handy as a disguise. Have a look in the party room. N/A F2P icon.png The wig is on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the party room.
Dangerous Liasons[sic]: Run to the north most part of the Wilderness! (beyond the north-eastern volcano) N/A F2P icon.png Run past the volcano in north-eastern part of the Wilderness, to the spot east of the shipwreck.
Now you see me: Change something about your appearance to throw off your enemies. N/A F2P icon.png Customisation > Appearance > Hair colour change will work. Makeover mage works. Thessalia works.
Lock, stock and two beer barrels: Visit the following shady establishments - Blue Moon Inn, Blurberry's bar, Dead Man's Chest, Dragon Inn, Poison Arrow, Forester's Arms, Jolly Boar Inn, Karamja Spirits Bar, Rising Sun Inn and the Rusty Anchor Inn. Tree Gnome Village (north of Yanille) P2P icon.png
Blue Moon Inn (south-central Varrock)
Blurberry's Bar (1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US], Grand Tree)
Dead Man's Chest (Brimhaven, northern Karamja)
Dragon Inn (Yanille)
The Poison Arrow (south-east Ardougne)
Forester's Arms (Seers' Village)
Jolly Boar Inn (north-east of Varrock, outside the city limits)
Karamja Spirits Bar (Musa Point, Karamja)
Rising Sun Inn (west Falador)
Rusty Anchor Inn (north-east Port Sarim)

Level 31-60[edit | edit source]

Task Requirements Members? Notes
Inside man: Play a game of Heist on either side of the law to better understand your enemy. N/A P2P icon.png Ironmen can complete this by talking to the Faceless Assassin in Lumbridge.
Antidote: Make a Super antipoison potion, should someone try to assassinate you. 48 Herblore P2P icon.png Created by mixing clean irit and unicorn horn dust in a vial of water.
Ratatouille: Make some Tangled Toad's Legs as it's a useful food to disguise poison and feed to your targets. 40 Cooking P2P icon.png See Tangled toads' legs for how to make (via Gnome cooking).
Thank you for smoking: Practice your assassination skills by killing 60 dust devils in the Smoke Dungeon - 0/60 65 Slayer and access to the Smoke Dungeon P2P icon.png N/A

Level 61-80[edit | edit source]

Task Requirements Members? Notes
Poison Ivy: Harvest a Poison Ivy bush. 70 Farming P2P icon.png A poison ivy bush cannot get diseased.
Dungeons and dragons: complete a medium or large occult or warped Dungeoneering floor to test your skills. 71 Dungeoneering P2P icon.png Hard mode also counts.
The running man: Complete 15 Laps of the Werewolf Agility Course - 0/15 60 Agility and completion of Creature of Fenkenstrain P2P icon.png Players will need the Ring of charos to pass the guard werewolf. Players must turn in the stick to complete the lap or it will not count.
Death wish: Complete a Reaper task. 50 Combat P2P icon.png See Soul Reaper for more information

Level 81+[edit | edit source]

Task Requirements Members? Notes
The dark night: Change the lighting in your Player Owned House to Nighttime, for a more stealthy look. 85 Construction and 250,000 P2P icon.png Costs 125,000 after completion of Varrock elite achievements. Only needs to be done once - reopening the contract for subsequent prestiges will mark that task as completed
The beach: Profit in hostile environments by gathering some rare resources 100 times from an uncharted isle - 0/100 96 Woodcutting, 90 Mining, 94 Farming, 96 Hunter, 96 Fishing or 95 Divination. P2P icon.png N/A
Contagion: Bring The Faceless Assassin the following - 6 dose Overload Salve, Divine Rocktail Bubble, Empty Birds Nest, 134 Harmonic Dust, 10 Basiliskbane ore and a Sack full of Onions to make his contagion 97 Herblore, 91 Divination, 75 Crafting and completion of Plague's End and Ritual of the Mahjarrat P2P icon.png If a basilisk head isn't owned, you can also create the ore using a stuffed head from another player's player-owned house. Take all items to the Faceless Assassin in Lumbridge. There is currently a glitch where the assassin may not recognise ingredients if they are the last item on the list; this can be worked around by banking all items in one's inventory aside from the final ingredient.
The Kiln floor: Obtain a TokHaar-Kal cape of your choice or an uncut onyx from the Fight Kiln. The Elder Kiln P2P icon.png N/A

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rewards are given for completing rows, columns or full tables at each of the four prestige levels.

Prestige level Requirement Reward
1 Row 1 Medium cash bag
Row 2 Large cash bag
Row 3 Huge prismatic fallen star
Row 4 Huge prismatic lamp
Column 1 Faceless Assassin hands and feet (blue)
Column 2 Faceless Assassin legs (blue)
Column 3 Faceless Assassin top (blue)
Column 4 Faceless Assassin head (blue)
Full table Crescent Blades override
2 Row 1 Medium cash bag
Row 2 Large cash bag
Row 3 Huge prismatic fallen star
Row 4 Huge prismatic lamp
Column 1 Faceless Assassin Cape (blue)
Column 2 Faceless Assassin hands and feet (green)
Column 3 Faceless Assassin legs (green)
Column 4 Faceless Assassin top (green)
Full table Dusk Warbow override
3 Row 1 Medium cash bag
Row 2 Large cash bag
Row 3 Huge prismatic fallen star
Row 4 Huge prismatic lamp
Column 1 Faceless Assassin head (green)
Column 2 Faceless Assassin Cape (green)
Column 3 Faceless Assassin hands and feet (red)
Column 4 Faceless Assassin legs (red)
Full table Eventide Rippers override
4 Row 1 Medium cash bag
Row 2 Large cash bag
Row 3 Huge prismatic fallen star
Row 4 Huge prismatic lamp
Column 1 Faceless Assassin top (red)
Column 2 Faceless Assassin head (red)
Column 3 Faceless Assassin Cape (red)
Column 4 Faceless Assassin hands and feet (black)
Full table Sundown Daggers override
5 Row 1 Medium cash bag
Row 2 Large cash bag
Row 3 Huge prismatic fallen star
Row 4 Huge prismatic lamp
Column 1 Faceless Assassin legs (black)
Column 2 Faceless Assassin top (black)
Column 3 Faceless Assassin head (black)
Column 4 Faceless Assassin Cape (black)
Full table Assassin Walk override

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 9 of the tasks are exactly the same as the previous prestige list event: New Year's Resolutions, with the remaining 7 being resembling somewhat.