Eye of Het II

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Eye of Het II is a quest that is part of the Elder God Wars storyline and follows the events of the City of Senntisten quest and the four fronts of the Elder God Wars Dungeon.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Getting started[edit | edit source]

Talk to Icthlarin to ask if he has figured out what has happened to the Duel Arena yet. He explains his suspicion that someone tried to steal the Eye of Het before he could find it. He invites you to help get to the bottom of it before expanding on his doubts. The earthquake was an anomaly for the desert and the rifts that featured in Eye of Het I were a sign of a powerful magical disturbance.

Talking to the stranger[edit | edit source]

Location of the stranger.

Talk to the stranger in the north east of the oasis, near the tents. She explains that he saw some aviansie flying over the area a few hours before the rumbling started. The Shadow Voice suggests that the stranger is lying. The Light Voice agrees but suggests acting naturally. Finishing the conversation with the stranger, the voices suggest looking for clues nearby.

Searching the chest[edit | edit source]

Search the chest just outside of the tent with the bank chest to find some badly-hidden notes containing an order from Ex Umbris Lux to "Keep an eye on the dog and await further orders". The voices deduce that the note was written by a Zarosian. Go talk to Icthlarin, and it is suggested to talk to Azzanadra.

Speaking to Azzanadra[edit | edit source]

Head to the Glacor Front and speak with Azzanadra. Wearing the shard of Erebus will keep glacors from attacking you along the way. You are given the option of accusing him of destroying the arena. Regardless of whether you decide to accuse him, he claims the letter you found is fake and that somebody is trying to frame Trindine. Azzanadra directs you to talk to the other gods.

Conversation with the gods[edit | edit source]

Head to Senntisten and speak with Zamorak. He claims to know nothing of the arena's destruction and if he wanted to harm Icthlarin, he would be in pieces.

Speaking with Armadyl, he shows some compassion for Icthlarin and is pleased that he is unharmed, though he doesn't like the idea of the Eye of Het surviving as he is uncomfortable with its power.

Saradomin is aware of the destruction of the arena and pieces together that Icthlarin considers there might be divine involvement. Saradomin claims all of his resources are busy at the fronts. Saradomin shows similar trepidation to Armadyl at the use of the Eye of Het.

Seren suggests bringing the Eye of Het to the cathedral and she admits to having sent some scouts to the area. Head back and talk to Azzanadra to locate Trindine.

Following Trindine[edit | edit source]

Attempting to talk to Trindine will cause her to disappear. She moves around the entrances of the cathedral as you attempt to speak with her. (At the first sighting, it is possible for her to be at any of the other entrances, then move to the west.)

First she is west near Nex at the stairs near the Nodon Front. Second she is beside Helwyr at the Glacor Front. Next she is over the bridge at the Croesus Front. Finally she settles just north of the bank at the TzekHaar Front where she can be spoken to. She laments at how beautiful the city used to be.

If you accused Azzanadra of involvement, Trindine points out that she is scrupulously professional around the World Guardian and doesn't leave loose ends.

Trindine makes reference to the player's "shadow", an aura that some mortals have and that it is stronger than she expected. When the character rescued her from the vault in Kharid-et Dig Site, she mistook them for a true master of shadow.

Accusation[edit | edit source]

Zamorak and Khazard reveal their involvement.

After speaking with Trindine the player gathers the gods and Azzanadra at the cathedral and accuse one of them of responsibility for the destruction of the arena and attempting to gain the Eye of Het.

If the player logs out or teleports out during this sequence, they can speak to Azzanadra at the Glacor Front to resume it.

General Khazard appears with the Eye of Het, having stolen it from Icthlarin on behalf of Zamorak. Zamorak was concerned that Seren would use the Eye of Het to contain the gods and all that are fighting at the front in a closed loop, dying, reviving and fighting forever to keep the Elder God eggs from harm. Seren admits that this was indeed her plan and the other gods are dismayed.

If General Khazard does not appear, go and talk to Azzanadra again.

Zamorak destroys the Eye of Het, refuses to help contain the power of the eggs any longer and teleports away.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Return and speak with Icthlarin and explain to him what happened. After the conversation he returns to the underworld to prepare for what is to come.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Eye of Het II reward.png

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Eye of Het II is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

It is therefore an indirect requirement for the following quests and miniquests:

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 13 February 2023 (Update):
    • Eye of Het II has been converted from a miniquest to a short quest with a quest journal. It does not award quest points or Treasure Hunter keys.
  • patch 7 March 2022 (Update):
    • Players were unable to complete the Eye of Het II miniquest due to Trindine failing to appear near the Archaeology camp. This has now been fixed, and players should be able to progress through the miniquest without further issue.
  • patch 17 January 2022 (Update):
    • Fixed a typo within the Eye of Het II miniquest.
  • update 10 January 2022:
    • Added to game.