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The Eye of Het is an ancient amulet used in the miniquests Eye of Het I and Eye of Het II. It is found by the player in Het tomb.

According to Icthlarin, it has the power to restore the souls of the deceased to the world.

History[edit | edit source]

Creation[edit | edit source]

The amulet was originally created by Het and he gave it to an unnamed chosen who fell to corruption and abused its power. Tumeken then seized the amulet from them before having Het seal the amulet away to ensure that no one would misuse it. Het buried it in his tomb and it remained there for thousands of years, undisturbed.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Eye of Het I (miniquest).
The following takes place during Eye of Het II (miniquest).

In Year 9 of the Sixth Age, Seren and the other young gods were forced to deal with the threat of the Elder Gods now that shadow anima had been leaked into Gielinor and riled their eggs. Azzanadra took action by teleporting them from the Elder Halls to the ruins of Senntisten, enraging them to send forces to reclaim the eggs. Over the span of four months, various allies and enemies converged on the site, although the alliance was in desperate action of losing due to the enemy's infinite numbers and tenacity. Icthlarin, seeing that the alliance had resorted to necromancy, suggested using the Eye of Het to revive the dead as living beings, which Seren immediately accepted and tasked him with recovering it.

Zamorak, weary and skeptical of Seren's cause, tasked General Khazard to find the amulet. Khazard located the amulet in the Duel Arena, but set off a ward that resulted in a mysterious "earthquake" that destroyed the Duel Arena and turned it into Het's Oasis. Evidence found in the area by the World Guardian implicated Zamorak in the theft, who stated that Seren's refusal to destroy the eggs and the fact that they were unable to stop the flow of anima to the eggs meant that she would doom them all in a perpetual cycle of never-ending fighting. Saradomin and Armadyl were bewildered at Seren's intentions but chose to remain and help deal with the eggs, causing a furious Zamorak to break the amulet and abandon his post with Khazard to die a free being.

The World Guardian was given the remains of the amulet soon after and offered it to the Mysterious monolith to obtain a new perk.

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