Extreme potion

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Extreme potion may refer to:

  • Combat potions:
    • Extreme attack, a potion that boosts Attack by 3-17 levels (super attack + clean avantoe)
    • Extreme defence, a potion that boosts Defence by 3-17 levels (super defence + clean lantadyme)
    • Extreme magic, a potion that boosts Magic by 3-17 levels (super magic potion + ground mud runes)
    • Extreme ranging, a potion that boosts Ranged by 3-17 levels (super ranging potion + grenwall spikes)
    • Extreme strength, a potion that boosts Strength by 3-17 levels (super strength + clean dwarf weed)
  • Skilling potions:
    • Extreme divination, a potion that boosts Divination by 1-17 levels (super divination + yak tuft)
    • Extreme hunter, a potion that boosts Hunter by 1-17 levels (super hunter + bull horns)
    • Extreme invention, a potion that boosts Invention by 1-17 levels (super invention + mycelial webbing)
    • Extreme runecrafting, a potion that boosts Runecrafting by 1-17 levels (super runecrafting + spider venom)
    • Extreme cooking potion, a potion that boosts Cooking by 1-17 levels (super cooking + primal extract + beak snot)
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