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The button used during the Solak boss fight.
The button used during the Raksha boss fight.

The extra action button is an interface, which is used to activate an ability that's unique to a specific area or boss. It is available in the Solak, Raksha, Kerapac, TzKal-Zuk, and Zamorak boss fights, as well as in the city of Senntisten as part of the Elder God Wars Dungeon fronts, and during Extinction quest.

The button can be moved around the screen via edit mode and can be keybound under "Action Button" in the controls menu. The framing around the button in Solak's boss fight is unique. All instances from Raksha onwards have had a consistent appearance differing from Solak's.

Functions[edit | edit source]

Boss-specific[edit | edit source]

Location Extra action Description Cooldown
Kerapac, the bound Warp Time extra action button.png Warp Time Available after phase 2. After ten seconds, the values of life points, prayer points, adrenaline,
and the cooldowns of abilities will be reset to what they were upon initiation.
The player will be teleported back to the tile they were standing on upon initiation.
Can be triggered early by activating a second time before the ten seconds have passed,
but this will only teleport the player to their initial position.
30 seconds
Raksha, the Shadow Colossus Inner Power extra action button.png Inner Power Available only in phase 4. Increases damage dealt to Raksha by 10% per stack for 30 seconds.
Stacks are accumulated by collecting shadow anima fragments after damaging Raksha's shield.
Solak Solak extra action button.png Nature's Blessing Available only in phase 2. Protects all players in a 3 tile radius from 75% of bomb damage. N/A
Enter Solak's mind Available only in phases 3 and 4. Enter Solak's mind realm to fight Erethdor.
In phase 3 up to 2 players can enter Solak's mind at the same time,
while in phase 4 this limit is raised to 3 players.
TzKal-Zuk Igneous Vengeance extra action button.png Igneous Vengeance Available on waves 4, 9, and 14. Used to attack TzKal-Zuk directly and begin his challenges.
On wave 18, used to stagger TzKal-Zuk and interrupt his instant kill attack.
Both times require killing all three Igneous TzekHaar spawned before it can be activated.
Zamorak, Lord of Chaos Realm Movement extra action button.png Realm Movement Available during the fight with Zamorak, Lord of Chaos.
Allows the player to transition between Infernus and Zamorak's arena.

Elder God Wars Dungeon[edit | edit source]

Battlefield Abilities[edit | edit source]

One of the following abilities may be selected at once by talking to the corresponding commander and can be activated using the extra action button. Can be used during, and does not incur, the global cooldown.

Commander Ability Description Cooldown Location
Kree'arra chathead.png Kree'arra Swiftness of the Aviansie extra action button.png Swiftness of the Aviansie Channel the Avianse kin and gain a 10% damage increase for a short duration (18 seconds). 60 seconds Maplink
Commander Zilyana chathead.png Commander Zilyana Light of Saradomin extra action button.png Light of Saradomin Call upon the light to shield yourself from 50% of incoming damage for a short duration (18 seconds). 60 seconds Maplink
Nex chathead.png Nex Blood siphon extra action button.png Blood siphon Siphon life directly from your target to heal yourself (25% of the target's maximum health over 6 hits). 120 seconds Maplink
K'ril Tsutsaroth chathead.png K'ril Tsutsaroth K'ril SMASH extra action button.png K'ril SMASH Smash your target with a large attack of 75% of your current weapon's damage type. 150 seconds Maplink
Helwyr chathead.png Helwyr Wrath of Nature extra action button.png Wrath of Nature Summons a Mushroom that explodes after a delay, dealing damage around it. 60 seconds Maplink
Gorvek chathead.png Gorvek Dragonfire rain extra action button.png Dragonfire rain Call in support from Gorvek to rain down dragonfire where you stand, dealing magic damage to any monsters standing in the affected area. 120 seconds Maplink

Other[edit | edit source]

Location Extra action Description Cooldown
Nodon Front Exit siege engine extra action button.png Exit siege engine Leave the siege engine and return to normal gameplay.
Available only when commanding an abandoned siege engine in the Nodon Front.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Location Extra action Description Cooldown
Erebus Leave Erebus extra action button.png Leave Erebus Return to Freneskae before the timer runs out.
Available only during the Extinction quest, when the player enters Erebus.