Extinction Event

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Extinction Event is an achievement that requires the player to defeat the Rex Matriarchs all within 5 seconds of each other. This can only be completed in a solo instance.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Similar to the They All Fell Down achievement for the Dagannoth Kings, players should attempt to lower the life points of each matriarch to 3,000 or below before attempting to defeat them. Use of cinderbane gloves, weapon poison or the Dark magic aura should be avoided as it may cause a matriarch to die prematurely or unexpectedly. From this point, players should attempt to kill at least one of the matriarchs with a damage-over-time effect before finishing the other matriarch(s) with a strong attack such as a threshold.

Due to the high defence of the matriarchs and the requirement to utilise all combat three styles, players should consider bringing hybrid armour so that they do not have to focus on switching their armour. They should also consider placing each weapon into an action bar slot, keybinding each slot and additionally ensuring action bar binding is set up for each style. These measures will help to minimise the time players spend switching gear when finishing off the matriarchs.

One strategy is to whittle the life points of a matriarch down and then return over the entrance rubble at the lobby area; this will cause the matriarch to stop targeting the player and return to her section of the arena, but will not reset her life points. Players may still be occasionally attacked or targeted if they are on the tile immediately adjacent to the rubble obstacle, so they should move further back into the room. Once each matriarch has individually had their life point pool depleted players should then draw all three matriarchs together to make it easier to finish them all within the timeframe. One way to do this is to run from Pthentraken's area across the arena into Rathis' melee distance, attracting Orikalka's attention along the way.

An example of an appropriate attack rotation to finish the matriarchs from this position:

Another example of an attack rotation to finish off the matriarchs:

If the third matriarch enters her death animation while the first matriarch has not despawned from her death animation yet, players will successfully complete the achievement. It will only display as unlocked when the third matriarch despawns from her death animation.

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