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Extinction world gate.png
Release date4 April 2022 (Update)
Voice OverPartial
Official seriesThe Elder God Wars #14
AgeSixth Age
TimelineWorld Guardian
Start areaVarrock Outskirts
CombatNPC combat level 80–89
Entity iconExtinction entity icon.png
Advanced data
Quest ID480
Quest create ID319
Official difficultyGrandmaster

Extinction is a grandmaster quest. It is the 14th instalment of the Elder God Wars storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Breakout[edit | edit source]

Hebe and Moia at the Senntisten entrance.

Talk to Moia outside the ancient door acting as the entrance to Senntisten. She will explain that the TzekHaar are trying to flood out into the surface and she had just eliminated the group that did. She also introduces "Hebe" to you. As the TzekHaar should be fighting the garrison inside, she asks you to eliminate them and check in on the defenders.

Enter the dungeon and select the Extinction option, where Seren will narrate a short cutscene summarizing the Elder God Wars. After the cutscene ends, kill all of the TzekHaar situated outside the TzekHaar Front. There are four each of TzekHaar-Hur, TzekHaar-Mej, and TzekHaar-Xil. The bank chest inside can be used if you need to get equipment. Do not leave the area without killing them all; otherwise they will respawn when you come back.

After killing the TzekHaar, head inside the cathedral.

Preparations[edit | edit source]

Inside, Saradomin will be surprised by Adrasteia's appearance as he had specifically ordered her to stay on Hallow and introduces the group to her as his daughter. Saradomin will then be upset at Moia's presence due to Zamorak's betrayal, but Moia insists she is working on her own accord and Adrasteia backs her claim. Ask the gods about the status of the fronts and the eggs, of which they tell you the elders' forces are pushing harder due to Zamorak's withdrawal.

The gods will send Moia to the Nodon Front and you to the Croesus Front, having Adrasteia tend to the wounded.

Countermeasures[edit | edit source]

You are in a quest instance of Senntisten now. If you use the Pontifex Shadow Ring or any other method to teleport back to the cathedral at any point during this chapter, you may not trigger the next front and leave the instance instead. To fix this, go to the Senntisten city entrance point from the outside world and go back in. This will prompt the "Do you want to continue with 'Extinction'?", which you should select.

Croesus Front[edit | edit source]

Croesus occupying the central graveyard.

Talk to Gorvek or Hannibus, who will tell you that Croesus is slowly advancing. Make your way to the normal graveyard where you will find that Croesus has somehow moved closer to the cathedral.

An extremely simplified version of the original fight will play out: deplete the four mutated fungal nodes found where the normal nodes usually are (calcified fungus, fungal algae, fungal spores, and timber fungus). See skilling locations and map.

Croesus will only attack with the Spore Bombs, Hard Fungus Fall and Slime Mould attacks; the other attacks are not enabled. Move away from the attack clouds to avoid damage. Crystal Mask (an Ancient Magicks Seren spell) protects the player from taking the first hit of most stat-draining attacks, including spore bombs, sticky fungi, and slime moulds. If the blue skill health bar drains, you will be swept out to the beginning to restart.

After depleting the last mutated node, Croesus will be sent into a dormant state. Return to the cathedral and speak to Saradomin, who sends you to the Glacor Front as Azzanadra is by himself holding off the Arch-Glacor.

Glacor Front[edit | edit source]

Ignore the glacytes on the way and speak to Azzanadra, who tells you he had to have the others retreat after Enakhra abandoned them. You will need to kill the generating glacors on the aqueduct as they are spawning many glacytes to the arena. The Arch-Glacor will attack as soon as you enter, so don't tarry too long.

The Arch-Glacor will only use magic and ranged auto-attacks, along with the Pillars of Ice and Glacytes mechanics; the latter only summons two melee-using glacytes with 5,000 health.

There are four glacors each in a separate area on the top of the aqueduct. Light one brazier next to one of three ice pillars and use the portal on the west to enter the aqueduct to kill one of the three glacors. Repeat two more times by unlighting the lit brazier and lighting another one. For the last glacor, burn both the western and middle pillars. After doing so, Azzanadra will thank you and tell you to return to the cathedral.

Nodon Front[edit | edit source]

Saradomin will tell you that a large number of siege engines have been placed and are heavily bombarding the cathedral. Both Nex and Kenton Decarte are having little success in destroying the siege engines.

Man the abandoned siege engine and destroy the enemy siege engines. Kerapac will appear and resummon them; simply repeat until he grows bored and destroys the siege engine. Destroy any remaining siege engines. TzKal-Zuk will then emerge from the TzekHaar Front, demanding your attention. Saradomin will order you to face TzKal-Zuk while he orders Armadyl to help him destroy the eggs. Seren seems to consider this for a moment but instead teleports them and herself out of the dungeon. You will now be tasked with finding Seren while Saradomin and Armadyl face TzKal-Zuk.

Searching for Seren[edit | edit source]

Items needed: The Measure.

You will be brought out of the dungeon after following the dialogue. Talk to Adrasteia, Hannibus, or Moia. Adrasteia and Moia will search Gielinor for Seren while Hannibus suggests you speak to Vicendithas as he was studying anima, believing that it could be a way to track the eggs. Moia will hand you a communication device if you have any developments for her. If you've completed Fate of the Gods, get The Measure.

Head to Anachronia and into the Effigy Incubator area to find Vicendithas, selecting the quest option. Talk to Vicendithas.

Vicendithas will be surprised by your arrival and you will inform him of the situation with the Elder Gods. He reveals that he was creating a device to measure the ambient anima of a planet's runescape. You will suggest the Measure at first, but he declines, as the Measure was meant for fine-tuning. He asks if the Locator is available, but you tell him that Zaros stole it from Saradomin. He will then take the Measure if you have it available; it can be reclaimed from Mr Mordaut at the Anachronia base camp if lost. Talk with Hannibus until Vicendithas finishes the device. He will use it, but find that Gielinor's runescape is normal, indicating that Seren took the eggs elsewhere. Use the communication device and you will inform everyone to meet at the World Gate.

Hopping worlds[edit | edit source]

Head to the World Gate and talk to anyone there or attempt to enter the gate to enter the quest instance of the area. In the instance, talk to anyone or attempt to enter again. The group will ask where to go; suggest Tarddiad as it was where Seren first met the elves. Enter the World Gate. After talking to the group, move to the south-eastern settlement and investigate the two resonating crystals. The group will then relocate to the area just north-west of it. Investigate the crystal and then move up north and speak to Angof. Angof will learn of the reason to your visit and tell you that Seren only visited once after reforming, but did not come. Kerapac will then arrive and demand the eggs. Angof will summon the locals to stall him, allowing the group to escape back to Gielinor.

Adrasteia will suggest going to Naragun due to Seren's relationship with Guthix. Enter the World Gate again to go there and speak to the group. Proceed to Search the area speaking to the individual group members along the way. You will not find any fruitful results, so return to the World Gate. You will find Kerapac blocking the way. While he would gladly try to fight Jas if he could, he cannot bring himself to due to his control. The group will then escape through the portal. Vicendithas will then suggest Kethsi, seeing that the Stone of Jas used to be held there and abused by its inhabitants. Enter the world gate once more to get there.

Kerapac will intercept the group again, but this time you will reason with him to restrain himself as he too wants to harm Jas even if it means dying constantly. Vicendithas will then ask if there was a planet where all of the eggs were housed; you will immediately recognise it as Freneskae. Enter the World Gate; Vicendithas will confirm Seren is on the planet. Moia will offer a teleport straight to The Cradle. Talk with the group again and then enter to the Elder Halls.

Final stop[edit | edit source]

Seren with the eggs in the Elder Halls.

Seren will explain that she teleported the eggs because she did not want the Elder Gods, her family, to become extinct. Recalling her past, she chose to return to the Elder Halls in Freneskae to rest. You will then hear rumbling above; go up to investigate. A Dark Portal will have appeared, emitting dangerous quantities of shadow anima. Go back inside and talk to Seren. Seren will explain that the portal is one of the two Shadow Breaches. Moia will ask if it was the same one, but Seren explains that there was always two; one contained on Gielinor and the other wild. However, it should have not have been able to reach Freneskae and she assumes that Zaros had played a role in its arrival. She suspects that whatever Zaros did, the Shadow Breach is trying to find the eggs. More sounds will come, which you recognise of that as Kerapac.

You will ask Vicendithas and Moia to come, while Hannibus and Adrasteia stay behind to guard Seren. Kerapac will then sense Jas' arrival, but he defies her, using The Needle to delay her advance. He will tell you to head into Erebus to find something to end Jas for good, wondering what you are due to your immunity to it.

Erebus[edit | edit source]

Items needed: at least six free spaces in backpack
The Shadow Breach on Freneskae.

The presence of shadow anima in Erebus prevents the player from remaining there for long, and you will have to traverse the realm to find something to harm Jas. Kerapac helps you with The Needle to create time loops to progress through the puzzling environment. The debilitating nature of shadow anima also greatly reduces the player's movement speed.

The players can initially explore Erebus for a minute before Kerapac pulls you out. When this happens, some of the environment in Erebus resets to its initial state, but the player gets to keep any items they have found and Erebus Rift Attunement they have gained. This is necessary to happen multiple times to finish the section as the player reaches dead-ends and uses the effect to duplicate some of the items found in Erebus. The timer starts counting down once the player moves in Erebus and pauses for any dialogue. After 20 attempts additional time can be optionally added–one second for each additional attempt; talk to Kerapac if you want to toggle this handicap.

Scattered across Erebus are shadow animica rocks and both regular and skittish motes of shadow anima. The rocks must be mined to obtain shadow animica which can be crushed for 4% attunement each, and the motes must be captured, likewise for 4% attunement each. The player has to reach 100% attunement by finding all 25 of these objects. None of the objects re-appear after attunement is gained from them.

Telekinetic and abyssal soul remnants may be captured to obtain the corresponding items. The enduring soul remnants (obtained from the telekinetic soul remnants) are used to levitate various boulders in Erebus, making the player able to move them as they please, while abyssal soul remnants are used to transform inactive rifts into rifts, enabling the player to move between the islands. Only one of each soul remnant can be carried at a time.

As your attunement grows, you will gain the following benefits:

  • At 20% attunement your movement speed is increased slightly.
  • At 40% attunement you can stay in Erebus for an additional 15 seconds at a time (a minute and 15 seconds without the handicap).
  • At 60% attunement you can run in a normal way.
  • At 80% attunement you can stay in Erebus for an additional 30 seconds at a time (a minute and 30 seconds without the handicap).
  • 100% attunement is required to activate the Idol of the Leviathan in the end.
The realm of Erebus.

The following checklist may be followed to find the required objects and activate the Idol of the Leviathan. If the time runs out at any point, simply repeat as many steps as are required. The extra action button may be used to exit Erebus early.

  • Mine the two shadow animica rocks and crush the resulting shadow animica for a total of 8% attunement. (8% total attunement.)
  • Capture the two motes of shadow anima for 8% attunement. (16% total attunement.)
  • Enter the rift in the east.
  • Capture the skittish mote of shadow anima for 4% attunement. (20% total attunement; you may now move slightly faster.)
  • Capture the telekinetic soul remnant.
  • Return back to the initial area.
  • Levitate the boulder using the enduring soul remnant.
  • Move the boulder out of the way to open the way north.
  • Mine the shadow animica rock and crush the resulting shadow animica for 4% attunement. (24% total attunement.)
  • Capture the abyssal soul remnant.
  • Use the abyssal soul remnant to enter the rift in the south.
  • Capture the regular and skittish motes of shadow anima for 8% attunement. (32% total attunement.)
  • Re-enter Erebus and re-obtain the abyssal soul remnant.
  • Capture the telekinetic soul remnant.
  • Use the abyssal soul remnant to enter the rift in the west.
  • Capture the regular and skittish motes of shadow anima for 8% attunement. (40% total attunement; you may now stay for a minute and 15 seconds at a time without the handicap.)
  • Levitate the boulder using the enduring soul remnant.
  • Move the boulder out of the way to open the way east.
  • Mine the shadow animica rock and crush the resulting shadow animica for 4% attunement. (44% total attunement.)
  • Capture the two regular and one skittish mote of shadow anima for 12% attunement. (56% total attunement.)
  • Re-enter Erebus and re-obtain the abyssal and enduring soul remnants.
  • (The following must be done without exiting, so re-enter again with the remnants to guarantee you have enough time.)
    • Use the abyssal soul remnant to enter the rift in the west.
    • Levitate the boulder using the enduring soul remnant.
    • Move the boulder on one of the three circles on the timeworn lodestone in the east.
    • Return to the initial area and capture another telekinetic soul remnant.
    • Return to the previous area and levitate the boulder with an abyssal soul remnant underneath using the enduring soul remnant.
    • Move the boulder to another of the circles of the timeworn lodestone.
    • Capture the revealed abyssal soul remnant.
    • Use the abyssal soul remnant to enter the rift in the east.
    • Capture the mote of shadow anima for 4% attunement. (60% total attunement; you may now run.)
    • Capture the telekinetic soul remnant.
    • Return to the previous area.
    • Levitate the remaining boulder using the enduring soul remnant.
    • Move the boulder to the last circle on the timeworn lodestone.
    • Go on top of the timeworn lodestone. You will be teleported to an island and find the relic of the titans. Carrying this causes the western rift in the initial area to be active when entering Erebus, and automatically moves the three boulders on timeworn lodestone when entering any rifts.
  • Mine the shadow animica rock and crush the resulting shadow animica for 4% attunement. (64% total attunement.)
  • Capture the mote of shadow anima for 4% attunement. (68% total attunement.)
  • Re-enter Erebus and re-obtain the abyssal and enduring soul remnants.
  • Navigate back to the island through the timeworn lodestone, ensuring you still have the soul remnants.
  • Use the dark shadow anima bridge to traverse to the next island. (The anima bridges are one-way only.)
  • Capture the two motes of shadow anima for 8% attunement. (76% total attunement.)
  • Levitate the boulder next to the Boiling Rift using the enduring soul remnant.
  • Move the boulder to open the way to the inactive rift.
  • Enter the rift using the abyssal soul remnant.
  • Mine the shadow animica rock and crush the resulting shadow animica for 4% attunement. (80% total attunement; you may now stay for a minute and 30 seconds at a time without the handicap.)
  • Capture the two motes of shadow anima for 8% attunement. (88% total attunement.)
  • Use the dark shadow anima bridge to traverse to the next island.
  • Capture the three motes of shadow anima for 12% attunement. (100% total attunement.)
  • Harvest the font of unimaginable memories to receive an unimaginable memory.
  • Re-enter Erebus and re-obtain an abyssal soul remnant.
  • Navigate back to the Boiling Rift.
  • Give the unimaginable memory to the Boiling Rift to transform it into a soul geyser.
  • Activate the soul geyser to travel to the next island.
  • Use the abyssal soul remnant to activate the inactive rift and travel through it.
  • Activate the Idol of the Leviathan.

Upon activating the idol, a shadow leviathan will be alerted to its activation. Sliske's masks will tell you to leave before it arrives and you will find yourself back on Freneskae.

Banishing an Elder God[edit | edit source]

The aftermath of Jas' demise.

A cutscene will begin when Jas will break through The Needle's effects. Before she could do anything, a shadow leviathan emerges from the breach and fights Jas. Kerapac tips the balance towards the leviathan's favour, but with the Needle broken, he too is dragged into Erebus alongside Jas before the breach shuts.

Collect the five needle shards (four of these are used later on in the quest; the fifth is used after the quest) and then talk to anyone. An echo of Kerapac will appear, delighted that he had finally gotten his vengeance against Jas, and that despite being in danger himself, will relish whatever torment Jas suffers along with him. Hannibus tries to reconcile Kerapac and Vicendithas, but neither wants to do so.

Descend the ledge to the north to go back down into the Elder Halls. Seren will be alarmed as she realises that the Needle is now broken and a shadow breach is loose on Gielinor. The group will try to convince her the best way to deal with the eggs, with Hannibus suggesting Iaia to let them die in peace. Seren refuses to let them die and teleports away, leaving behind a portal.

Iaia[edit | edit source]

Seren and the eggs on Iaia.

Use the portal south of the energy rift to teleport to Iaia, prompting the group to realise that Seren intends to hatch the eggs on the planet. She ignores the group's pleas, believing that they're trying to kill the Elder Gods off. With no choice, the group settles on evacuating as many Ilujanka as possible.

Hannibus will lead the group south to Elder Chahoua. Chahoua believes the end of times has come, but Vindicta refuses to let everyone die and tries to get the few younger ones to leave. The group will scatter to begin the evacuation efforts; you will be tasked with finding any in the current village.

Speak to the Pastkeeper, Pondkeeper, Plantkeeper, and Craftmaster. The Pastkeeper will refuse to leave but hand you a Pastkeeper amulet to give to Sharrigan. The Pondkeeper will ask you to catch some of the fish from the fishing spot in the nearby pond, giving you a fish bucket and small fishing net. Catch four fish and return to him. The Plantkeeper will refuse to leave, but her sister does and asks you to collect seeds from four plants around the village using a seed bag before she goes. Two of the plants are next to the pair (flowering marsh plant to the north-east and roundleaf marsh plant to the south-west), while the other two are further down south (marsh-fire plant is south of the roundleaf marsh plant and longleaf marsh plant is south-east of that, close to Vindicta). The Craftmaster will ask you to collect some tools around his workshop (visible as three red dots to the east on the minimap) before he leaves.

After everyone from the current village leaves, the group convenes to start evacuating the next one. However, Seren begins the process of calling the Elders as they need to come at a precise moment to pass their memories down. While she does not like this path, she does acknowledge your soul and what Guthix had seen to appoint you as his World Guardian. Vicendithas will suggest delaying the process by using the Needle shards and map down the most optimal spots.

Battle[edit | edit source]

This is a dangerous activity.
If you die, you will lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your gravestone.

After placing two Needle shards, Seren will begin initiating combat with the player. This is a dangerous battle with three phases, and your gravestone will be placed by the World Gate if you die. However, each phase serves as a checkpoint, so if you teleport or die during the fight, you will resume from the start of the phase you left off at. Seren creates a rectangular barrier with no way for the player to escape other than dying or teleporting during the phases of the battle.

In the first phase, she will create a Light Lord, Dark Lord, and shadows. Attacking either lord results in them becoming immune with the chatbox message "My attacks are just going straight through it". Attack the shadows, which leave behind a light core, then attack either of the lords with the light core to destroy the core and damage him for 1,000 damage, accompanied with the chatbox message "The light core is absorbed into the [dark/light] lord". Repeat this ten times to reduce either lord's health to zero. After a lord is dead, the remaining lord is fully healed and two masses of unstable energy appear. Click the unstable energies and move them onto the remaining lord a total of four times for 2,500 damage per hit to kill him and lower Seren's barriers, allowing you to place a third shard and finishing the first phase.

Seren summons the Elder Gods to Iaia.

The second phase of the battle features Seren summoning a vestige of Mah and a Mah Wisp, along with several muspah (bladed, force, and throwing). Kill the muspah to make the wisp vulnerable to damage, then attack the wisp. You will be allowed to lower the wisp's life points down to 40,000. Using Soul Split while damaging the wisp can help recover some health if you need it. Afterwards Seren will summon three more muspah: a large bladed muspah, a large force muspah, and a large throwing muspah. Repeat the process to lower the wisp's life points down to 20,000, at which point a trio of even more powerful muspah will attack: an enraged bladed muspah, an enraged force muspah, and an enraged throwing muspah. After these are killed, the wisp can be destroyed and the manifestation fades away, allowing you to place a fourth shard and move to the battle's final phase. It's possible to use a deathtouched dart to kill the Mah Wisp after killing the initial three muspah to finish the phase.

The third and final phase begins with Seren summoning remnants of herself that launch waves of fire on command, dealing around 2,700 magic damage per hit. This hit will ignore most defensive abilities. Soon after, she will have the eggs rumble around the arena, emitting shockwaves of similar damage and effect. The damage can be reduced with the use of Fortitude, the aegis aura, aegis blood essence and Animate Dead. Resonance can be used to heal off of the shockwaves if necessary. Afterwards, the eggs will summon aspects of Seren that attack with magic and have 1,500 life points, while incorporating the fire waves and egg bursts. There is a safe spot for the first wave of egg blasts next to the plant arrangement near the sixth remnant of Seren by the hill. Killing the aspects is not necessary; you only need to survive for roughly two minutes. Tank armour is strongly recommended here, as is a shield, for use of Barricade and Resonance. A powerburst of vitality can also prove helpful for increasing your chances of survival. Prioritise avoiding the eggs and the waves of fire by running perpendicular to the waves. Staying in the waves by not moving or running horizontally within them will deal continuous hits and kill you quickly.

After surviving this wave, Adrasteia will urge you to leave through the gate, but Moia will betray you and shut it off before you are able to reach it, declaring that Zamorak will be grateful for the World Guardian's death and leaving you stranded. You may attempt to use the gate but it will not respond.

Death of Iaia[edit | edit source]

The Elder Gods then arrive and hatch the eggs, destroying Iaia. Somehow, you survive. You will then find yourself in your mind consciousness, where Seren expresses surprise that you were somehow spared from The Great Revision, before noticing that Guthix's enhancement had protected you. However, the power you acquired from Erebus is gone. Seren herself was spared because the Elder Gods recognised her. As the hatchlings emerged from a non-perfect world, they're far weaker but she promises to keep them on Iaia and protect them from the dangers of the universe. You may choose to either trust or distrust her but either way she will be set in her decision. She also warns you to stay away from her or her new family before dismissing you.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Confronting Moia about her actions.

Back at the World Gate, Moia tries to convince the group that you had died when you suddenly appear before them. You accuse Moia of assassination, which she doesn't deny because Gielinor can't be claimed if its protector is around. While she did prioritise Gielinor's safety first, she thought it was also a good chance to eliminate the World Guardian at the same time. Adrasteia will be shocked by Moia's betrayal, but Moia states that she doesn't have the experience of war and teleports away before anyone could react. Hannibus mourns the death of his home world while Vicendithas leaves to console him, who tells you to inform the gods at Senntisten.

Return to the dungeon via the quest option and head back to the cathedral. You will ask the gods where everyone went. Saradomin will tell you that after they were relieved of the eggs, they made short work of the Elder Gods' forces; TzKal-Zuk was forced back to the Elder Kiln, Azzanadra returned the Arch-Glacor to Leng, while Croesus was completely incinerated. The gods did not know where Kerapac went, as he was missing by the time they reached the colosseum. You will tell them of his sacrifice and what happened to Seren and the eggs. The gods fear that The Great Revision would start anew, but you tell them that Seren pledged to keep them on Iaia, convinced the universe was too dangerous for them. They then ask of Jas, of which you tell them she was banished to Erebus, much to Azzanadra's surprise. You then inform them of Moia's betrayal.

The gods will thank you for your services; Saradomin will leave with Adrasteia to oversee recovery efforts in Falador and Armadyl teleports to Prifddinas to honour the agreement he made with Seren. Azzanadra will ask to speak with you outside, needing some fresh air. Outside, Azzanadra is content with peace and still maintains a firm belief that Zaros is still out there in Erebus, having been forsaken in his wisdom. Azzanadra will thank you for saving the universe.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Extinction reward.png
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Extinction (RuneScore.png 0) – Complete this quest.
  • Out of the Past (RuneScore.png 10) – Give Sharrigan her mentor's Pastkeeper Amulet.
  • To Dream, Perchance to Keep (RuneScore.png 25) – Help Pastkeeper Sharrigan to remember all stories within the 'Dream of Iaia'.
  • Bill & Ben's Egg/Salon Joint Venture (RuneScore.png 0) – After Extinction quest, 'eggs'plore Prehistoric Potterington's (sunny)-side-(up) hustle.
  • A Hatching Pair (RuneScore.png 5) – After Extinction quest, ask Prehistoric Potterington at the Anachronia dinosaur farm about zygomites.
  • Off to See the Lizard (RuneScore.png 5) – Help Galgalar the ilujanka near the incubator south of the Anachronia dinosaur farm.
  • Egg McGuffin (RuneScore.png 5) – Help Ben the ancient zygomite near the mystical tree south of the Anachronia dinosaur farm.
  • Fibbin' Archery Sequence (RuneScore.png 5) – Help Salusan the ilujanka near the mystical tree on the west coast of Anachronia.
  • Can I Offer You An Egg In This Trying Time? (RuneScore.png 10) – Find an unchecked egg in the pile of dinosaur eggs south of Anachronia dinosaur farm.
  • Mycotherapy (RuneScore.png 10) – Find an unchecked zygomite while carestyling south of Anachronia dinosaur farm.
  • Mycomanagement (RuneScore.png 5) – Help Bill the ancient zygomite near the mystical tree on the west coast of Anachronia.
  • Needles from Skips (RuneScore.png 0) – Show an elder god arrow to Prehistoric Potterington.
  • The Plop Thickens (RuneScore.png 5) – Use Potterington Blend #102 Fertiliser or dinosaur 'propellant' on Prehistoric Potterington.
  • Potting Is Such Sweet Sorrow (RuneScore.png 5) – Help Bill (near the mystical tree on the west coast of Anachronia) realise his 'pot'ential.

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Extinction is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

It is therefore an indirect requirement for the following quests and miniquests:

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Credits[edit | edit source]

DeveloperMod Shrike
GameplayMod Shrike, Mod Shrew, Mod Orion, Mod Rowley, Mod Raven, Mod Asherz, Mod Hunter
WritingMod Shrike, Mod Jack, Mod William, Mod Raven
NarrativeMod Shrike, Mod Raven
EditingMod William
ProductionMod Stacey, Mod KT
Art & Graphics
EnvironmentMod Blkwitch, Mod Fenix, Lakshya Digital (outsourced)
CharactersMod Soffan, Mod Dragon
ConceptMod BakingaZ, Mod Neil
AnimationMod Wing, Mod Haku, Mod Hing, Mod Paul B, Balisti Studios (outsourced)
PosterMaximus Gugu (outsourced)
Quality Assurance
Quality assuranceMod Chaose, Mod Cel, Mod Forza, Mod Giara, Lionbridge (outsource)
AudioMod Grace, Mod Surma, Mod Kas
Mod Hooli, Mod Azanna, Mod Miva

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 27 March 2023 (Update):
    • Fixed a small typo in the Extinction quest.
  • patch 20 March 2023 (Update):
    • Ariane now has appropriate post-quest dialogue when Extinction is complete.
  • patch 13 June 2022 (Update):
    • Wildlife saved by the Ilujanka after the events of Extinction are now present in the dream of Iaia.
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck during the fight with Seren in Extinction.
  • hidden 6 June 2022 (Update):
    • The following post-quest dialogue has been removed: "We've had a few of the Nodon join us too, though they mostly keep to themselves. Understandable given the shock they had when they woke up.".
  • patch 30 May 2022 (Update):
    • The grace period on the 'To Dream, Perchance to Keep' post-quest achievement for Extinction has been amended so that it finishes correctly on July 4th.
    • Players who Surge to Moia towards the end of Extinction are no longer blocked from continuing the quest.
  • patch 25 April 2022 (Update):
    • The Pontifex Shadow Ring can be now imbued after finishing the Extinction quest.
    • The Ring of Vigour can be now turned into a permanent passive effect.
    • Fixed an issue where the player could get soft locked after dying during phase three of the Seren Boss fight.
    • Dialogue between the Player and Azzanadra on The Glacor Front will no longer be interrupted by the Glacytes.
    • NPCs have been removed from the Elder Halls at the state where the player finishes the Erebus puzzle.
    • Cannonfire sound effects are no longer present once the war in Senntisten has concluded. Coast is clear folks!
    • Capitalisation and typos update.
  • patch 11 April 2022 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue with Vicendithas' chathead during the Extinction quest.
    • Re-entering the Extinction quest after defeating some Generating Glacors will now allow the quest to progress.
    • Corrected a typo within Hannibus' dialogue in Extinction
  • hotfix 4 April 2022 (Update):
    • There was an error with how checkpoints operated during the segment of the quest at the Glacor front.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Extinction is the first grandmaster difficulty quest to be released since Sliske's Endgame, which was released on 19 December 2016, 1,932 days before Extinction's release date.
  • Vicendithas calls the anima field of a world its "runescape", a term preferred by Charos, rather than an "animasphere", the term normally used by dragonkin.[2]
  • When Kerapacs speak to you on Tarddiad he says "you have been a thorn in my side for far too long" this is reference to the role-playing game Ultima VIII: Pagan.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Shrike's Twitter account. 4 April 2022. (Archived from the original on 4 April 2022.) Mod Shrike: "We're aware that some players experiencing issues with checkpointing at the Glacor front during Extinction... This has been hotfixed! Re-enter the instance and you should be good to continue"
  2. ^ Colossi & The Time of Colossi, written by Reldo, "Desperate Creatures", RuneScape. "The runescape is my term for the anima (magical energy) field that surrounds our world. The dragonkin called it the 'animasphere', and I believe it is what the gnomes are inexpertly and superstitiously trying to grasp with their notion of a 'world soul'."