Exploratory Division

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Exploratory Division is a cartographic research organisation overseen by the Dorgeshuun Council, the leaders of Dorgesh-Kaan. The Exploratory Division is a large Dorgeshuun group of explorers, cartographers, and other researchers dedicated to exploring the massive cave network that exists far beneath southern Misthalin.

Exploratory Division has long been a key part of Dorgesh-Kaan's survival, searching for food sources, mining areas, and alternative transport routes. Prior to the Year 169 of the Fifth Age, Exploratory Division also ensured that contact with potentially hostile forces was diverted; apart from preventing surface contact, they also blocked off natural tunnels to areas with foreign species, such as Juna's Chasm.

Although not mentioned in-game, Exploratory Division is mentioned in The Chasm of Lights, a story found in the Lores and Histories section of the official RuneScape website.