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The concealed entrance to the cave.

The experiment cave is a large, underground structure which consists of two larger chambers and small paths. The entrance to this cave is concealed under a tombstone south-east of Fenkenstrain's Castle. One must push the eastern-most memorial (south-east of the castle) to enter. The cave can only be accessed during and after the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. As the name suggests, many experiments inhabit this cave.

Creature of Fenkenstrain[edit | edit source]

During the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest, players have to kill a wolf-woman experiment in order to obtain a cavern key. Then, the player navigates through the cave, opens the locked door using the cavern key and climbs up the ladder to a mausoleum. The player must then dig at the three statues located there, in order to gain the arms, legs and torso of Fenkenstrain.

After the quest, players may re-access the cave, however they will only be able to kill the sheep-wolf and spider-man experiments. Attempting to attack a wolf-woman experiment yields the message: "You don't have the heart to kill the poor creature again."

Travel[edit | edit source]

There are many ways to travel to this cave:

  1. Using fairy ring code ALQ to teleport to this fairy ring. This is the fastest method of travelling to the cave.
  2. Teleport to the ectofuntus using an ectophial.
  3. Teleport to Canifis using Kharyrll Teleport, or a POH portal.
  4. Use a charter ship to travel to Port Phasmatys. This is the slowest method and costs between 1,300 - 4,100 coins.
  5. Travel to the Paterdomus temple and head through the holy barrier into Morytania.
  6. Travel to the Canifis lodestone using the Home Teleport spell.

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