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This article is about kindling used in the Evil Tree D&D. For the quest item, see Kindling.
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Evil tree kindling can be obtained from chopping an evil root from an Evil Tree. When one is chopped down, all players currently chopping it receive 1 kindling.

They can be used to set the evil tree on fire, which causes continuous damage to the tree. Up to 8 fires can be started at the base of the tree, and they do not go out until the evil tree is dead or the player logs out.

Players who have extra may also sell them to the nearby Leprechaun for 25 coins each or burn them at a fallen Evil Tree for Firemaking experience which is determined by the player's level in that skill (about 270 at level 99).

Starting fires on a living evil tree requires the same Firemaking level as the evil tree's type of log (e.g. an evil yew tree requires 60 Firemaking to set on fire), but burning kindling on a fallen evil tree has no requirement, and does not count as an interaction with an evil tree for the two per day quota.

They may also be banked for use when burning a different Evil Tree, as the kindling from any Evil Tree may be used to burn any other one. The maximum amount of kindling you can have, including kindling in the bank, is 200.

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