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This article is about an Evil Tree's roots. For the item from Hallowe'en 2006, see Evil root (2006 Hallowe'en event).

Evil roots are roots that appear during the Evil Tree D&D and the 2011 Easter Event. They occasionally grow around the tree with a maximum of four roots and knock off adjacent players trying to light or chop the tree. They can be cut down for an Evil tree kindling which is used to light the tree. The rate at which the root is severed depends on the amount of people cutting it. The requirement for cutting the root down is the same as for the tree, e.g. a Magic evil tree roots require level 75 Woodcutting to be chopped.

Chopping evil root does not increase your reward, although burning the tree with kindling does.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a root sprouts over a lit fire, the fire will disappear. The fire or ashes will not show up (even when right-click options are shown) until the roots are gone. This is later "fixed" by removing the fire from the right click menu. If the evil root is chopped down before the fire goes out, the fire remains invisible and impossible to click on, but ashes would spawn as normal when the fire's time is up.
  • Evil roots take 2 minutes to regrow after being cut down (if no other roots have been cut) and 1 minute otherwise.