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An evil elder tree is a corrupted version of an elder tree and may be encountered playing the Evil Tree D&D. This tree has the highest requirements of any evil tree, with 90 Woodcutting to chop it, 90 Firemaking to set fire to it, and 42 Farming to nurture it (when it is a sapling). It takes the longest to defeat, but it also grants the most experience.

Experience[edit | edit source]

  • When the tree is still a sapling, Farming experience can be gained for nurturing it. No items are required for Nurturing.
  • When the tree is fully grown, chopping the roots and the tree itself gains Woodcutting experience.
  • When a root vanishes, the player gains Evil tree kindling, which can be used on the tree to set fire to a part of it. This awards 2,600 Firemaking experience.

The Ring of fire and Flame gloves give no additional experience, and the Inferno adze will not automatically light any kindling received. You cannot use skill boosts, such as a beaver to cut this tree. You must actually have level 90 in woodcutting.

Evil Tree Experience
Nurturing Firemaking Chopping roots Chopping tree
Elder 687.5 10,800 32.5 162.5

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Armies of Gielinor evil trees.png
  • Evil elder trees, evil yew trees and dead trees appear in the Wilderness-styled levels in Armies of Gielinor as "tree"-scenery.
  • The tree appears to have a moustache and beard, as there is a grey area above and below the 'mouth', which also refers to 'elder'.
  • Cutting down an evil elder tree is one of the few ways to gain a part of the crystal triskelion.
  • Before the release of elder trees this was the only evil tree in the game without a regular tree counterpart and only required 85 Woodcutting.