Ethical Concerns

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Ethical Concerns can be obtained from excavating Aughra remains and Moksha device excavation hotspots at the Orthen Dig Site. This page is required to complete the Free Your Mind mystery.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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'Skeka' is what they call me. Depending on who utters it, they either simply mean to call me 'killer', or they inject the sing-song intonation used when naming the personification of death itself. We left such trivialities behind us in the previous universe, but I can at least appreciate the witty connection. My work is vital to the success of this colony, and if that means cutting up animals to understand their workings, then so be it. We treat these animals with due care when alive, and with dignity and respect when no longer so. I have more respect for these dinosaurs than some of my fellow kin. There is no cruelty here, and I only carry out autopsies on those that have died of causes other than dragonkin. Still, I am labelled so by uneducated outsiders. It bothers me not.

A Syrtes cleric has been assigned to my team to give it 'spiritual guidance', as if that is needed. We are not unfeeling Dactyl! I feared his appointment would be added bureaucracy, or to preach at us, but I am pleasantly surprised to see that this Kranon character has integrated well and has proven to be a useful member of the team in his own right. He has even joined in on some of our more 'recreational' research. The loss of my good friend, Varanus, was a deep wound for me. To have survived all we have only to die on this new world before it could be enjoyed is an ironic cruelty. If I were on the Kindra, I would advocate for that Raksha abomination to be destroyed. It is a threat to the kin. I regret that despite all we have managed to learn of this place, I was unable to find a way to save him in time. May we meet again, my friend.

-'Skeka', Aughra mystic

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