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Estrith is a Fremennik woman who wanders around the outer-castle of Daemonheim as a sentry for the Fremennik.

She seems extremely bored and makes sarcastic comments frequently, such as:

  • "Yet another round with nothing interesting happening."
  • "Soon we'll be home eating red meat and combing innards from our hair." (To Wiglaf, the Fremennik cook to the east of Thok.)
  • "Time to do my rounds, I suppose."
  • "If that smuggler is sneaking about again, I'll have his head on a rusty pike." (When she is near the banker.)
  • "Hey you! I've got my eyes on you. You better not try any funny business around here."
  • "Oh look! Some rocks! Oh, and some more rocks! It can't get more exciting than this."
  • "I've got the eyes of a hawk, the ears of a wolf, the speed of a kyatt and an awful day job."
  • "If I never see another floating eyeball in a hundred years, it'll be too soon." (South of Thok)

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 13 November 2012 (Update):
    • Fixed some stretching on Stanky Morgan's, Chief Thief Robin's, Estrith's and the Doomsayer's faces.