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The 10 different tiers of Esteem

Esteem is a symbol that is shown on the back of a wicked cape and on other wicked equipment, including the wicked hood, the wicked robe bottom, and the left arm of the wicked robe top.

One can buy Esteem in Wizard Finix's Runecrafting Shop on the roof of the Wizards' Tower. There are 10 tiers of Esteem that can be bought. Once Esteem is purchased, the runic symbol for that Esteem can be neither replaced by a lower tier symbol nor removed. Unlike when re-colouring the robes through Finix's shop, the Esteem is shown on all pieces of the wicked robes regardless of whether they are worn or later purchased.

After buying one tier of Esteem, the higher tiers will be reduced by the price of the Esteem you just bought. For example; if you buy a tier 10 Esteem (15 points), a tier 9 Esteem will only be 45 points instead of the original 60 points.

Esteem rank one is required for the trimmed Completionist cape.

Rank (low to high) Runic symbol Individual point cost Cumulative point cost Futhork
10 Runespan Esteem rank 10.png 15 15 Nyd
9 Runespan Esteem rank 9.png 45 60 Rad
8 Runespan Esteem rank 8.png 130 190 Sigel[1]
7 Runespan Esteem rank 7.png 370 560 Feoh
6 Runespan Esteem rank 6.png 1,000 1,560 Daeg
5 Runespan Esteem rank 5.png 2,800 4,360 Eoh
4 Runespan Esteem rank 4.png 7,500 11,860 Peorð
3 Runespan Esteem rank 3.png 20,000 31,860 Eh
2 Runespan Esteem rank 2.png 55,000 86,860 Gyfu
1 Runespan Esteem rank 1.png 125,000 211,860 Ior
  1. ^ Sigel is written as a bookhand version.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Many of the esteem symbols are actual Norse runes, rather than those found in Gielinor.
  • The incorporation of the runes was suggested by a RuneScape member a few years prior to their appearance in the game.