Essence of Finality amulet (green)

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For this item's (un)dyed variants, see purple, red, black, blue, pink, undyed, yellow.
For other variants of this item, see ornamental.

The Essence of Finality amulet (green) is an Essence of Finality amulet that has been dyed using green dye. This aids distinguishing it between other Essence of Finality amulets that may contain other special attacks. It retains all the effects of the undyed amulet:

  • Successful hits give a 0.1% hit chance boost in all styles for 54 seconds, stacking up to 30 times (a total 3% hit chance increase). Missed hits do not count towards stacks.
    • Taking the necklace off or switching it for another item will cause the hit chance buff to disappear, but switching to another Essence of Finality amulet will retain these stacks.
  • Soul Split has a 50% chance to heal 25-50% more (an average of 18.75% more healing).
  • The base damage reduction of Protection prayers and Deflection curses is increased by 10% (giving them 60% damage reduction).
  • A Weapon Special attack can be stored inside the amulet by consuming the weapon, allowing usage of the attack with any other weapon of that style via an ability in the Constitution ability book.

The Essence of Finality degrades over 100,000 charges of combat to a broken state, and is repaired by 50% using alchemical hydrix dust.

The dyed amulet can be reverted to the base orange colour by using a cleaning cloth, or can be dyed with any of the other dyes (red dye, blue dye, yellow dye, purple dye, pink dye, or black mushroom ink) to change its colour to (red, blue, yellow, purple, pink, or black respectively). The amulet can also have an Essence of finality ornament kit attached to make the Essence of Finality amulet (or) (green), which improves the equipment bonuses and can be freely removed at any time. Changing dye or ornament state does not affect the degradation state.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • update 23 November 2020 (Update):
    • Added to game.
      • The Essence of Finality amulet and its ornate counterpart can now be dyed seven new colours using simple dyes, opening up a world of possibilities for presets, keybinds and Inventory management.